Match day goals for the Evergreen Premier League

EPLWA Logo-06-CROP-500by David Falk

Behind the scenes, interest is buzzing after the recent announcement of the efforts to found the Evergreen Premier League (EPLWA) as an adult men’s outdoor ‘football club league.’  Director of Operations Jim Massoni  is fielding questions about league expectations, and many of them focus on playing in stadiums and hosting supporters on match day.

To help with sharing the EPLWA “vision,” Jim has crafted a document called “Providing an Experience.” You can request the complete document by emailing us at goalWA@gmail.com or you can download it directly HERE.

Excerpts from “Providing an Experience”:

Providing an exciting and connected game experience is essential for how your team will be able to sustain itself throughout the clubs life. This is the main focal point that should be at the top of your list when considering the other game operations listed below because it is the number one reason why people will be attending your games. It is essential that your fans see value in attending your games because it helps elevate the club and individual players. People will come for the love of the game, but fans will keep coming back because they had a fun time at the game.



Providing merchandise to buy helps in promoting the club, along with connecting fans to your brand. The specifics of marketing your brand will not be covered in this article, but understand that fans want something physical that they can wear to show pride in what they have become a part of. Providing a booth that sells merchandise at your games will be essential in connecting fans to the team, and it will also help with providing income to help cover costs. Come up with ways to display merchandise that looks professional and appealing.


With all these options set in place, fan interaction is the area that should become a part of every one of your home games. Fans need to have a chance to become connected with your team. This can be done in a verity of ways.  How clubs get their fans involved will be different from location to location so teams should come up with a strategy that works for them.

EPLWA clubs will need to balance what happens on the pitch with what they are providing for supporters in the stands.


About the Evergreen Premier League

The Evergreen Premier League (EPLWA) is a statewide adult semi-pro men’s premier soccer league that will host amateur players on serious, competitive, professionally-run clubs. Kick off is set for late April 2014. The EPLWA will be similar in structure and mission to the Pacific Coast Soccer League (PCSL) but will serve Washington state clubs. 

Would you like to volunteer for the EPLWA? Contact David: goalWA@gmail.com

Follow the development of the EPLWA at:


www.Twitter.com/EPLWA #eplwa

EPLWA news tag on goalWA.net

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3 comments on “Match day goals for the Evergreen Premier League

  1. Seathanaich
    July 25, 2013

    I hope that you guys succeed. What you are trying to create sounds like what the Pacific Coast Soccer League could and should be for British Columbia, but never will be because it is run as a players’ league instead of a fans’ league.

    If you want fans, you need to focus on fans. Not Soccer Mums, not “ethnic” groups. Fans who already know and love the sport. Run a balanced league table, and award the championship to the winner of that table, not some gimmicky play-off. Run a knock-out cup throughout the season, so that clubs compete for “the double”. Continue with what you are doing in trying to create real logos rather than cartoon ones. Create supporters’ sections for standing. Create merchandise; but remember that even if you only sell it at cost you are still advertising your clubs in their communities. Last of all, remember that it might take a few years to succeed.

    • goalWA.net
      July 25, 2013

      Thank you. I appreciate those words of encouragement.

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