Tacoma City FC hopes to kick up dreams for women in T-Town by 2015

tacomacity-2TACOMA, WA —Craig Vincent sees a need for adult women’s elite soccer in Tacoma, and he’s beginning the journey to make it a reality with a club called Tacoma City FC.

Tacoma City FC first came about because of my desire to have a fresh, independent name to give a few coed indoor teams that I wanted to create. After those teams had dissolved, I didn’t have any of my own teams planned to continue using the name. I currently play and help manage at South Puget Sound United (SPSU) and it was easier to leave teams to be created through that club to avoid competing for players who would be friendly to both names. So, until a few weeks ago, the name sat relatively dormant.”

Now Vincent sees TCFC as a marker pointing the way to the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL), a large national league already with eight clubs in the Northwest. “The decision to turn my attention to the WPSL has been about a year in the making and comes from a few directions. For the past few years I’ve coached a girls Sparta team. This year we’re U18′s and coming up on what is usually the end of club soccer for most of them. I’ve tried to help combat that with the decision to put a U19 team together, but the realization still came—there really isn’t a lot out there, especially for women, who are looking to continue playing for a competitive club.”

wpsl_logoNorth of T-Town the WPSL has three clubs. “In Seattle and up north there are a few options for college age (and older) players to try for, but in the Tacoma area (and in general, still) it’s quite slim. So, partly, in response to wanting to give those players another avenue to continue, and, as well, knowing a few players who went up to play with AC Seattle (of the WPSL) showing an interest in having a local team to play for, I’ve decided to venture down this path. Another reason I’ve decided to do this is from the time I’ve spent around the South Sound Shock. While I haven’t done more than train with them on occasion, I know many of the players that play with the club. The unity that the club has created is something I envy for a team/club of my own, and it’s helped drive me to where I am now with TCFC.”


Craig was watching this summer when the men’s game in Washington took a leap forward with the birth of the EPLWA. “When the Evergreen Premier League was created the thought of having a team there was rather tempting, but the local competition with South Sound FC (already in the new league)  wasn’t something I either wanted or thought I could compete with. So, again, the women’s route was more appealing. Additionally, it may give a chance for the two clubs to work closely together in the future while avoiding the direct player rivalry that two men’s clubs would have.”

So why the name Tacoma City FC? “Using the Tacoma City FC club name was only a short consideration,” says Vincent. “I thought it would provide the strong team identity and community connection that we would be looking for. The team nickname has yet to be determined but the first consideration is Royals. The “Royals” name already holds a strong historical tie to quality, local girls soccer, and it seems like a suitable choice to represent a competitive local women’s club.”

The next step is talking with the WPSL and getting players and financing.

“Currently we’re in communication with the WPSL to determine the necessary steps in being ready to play in the 2015 season. Spreading the word to find player interest and establish a core group to play casual games and enter tournaments will be our first step. We’re also starting the look for sponsors. The road is a long one, but I’m looking forward to it.”

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TacomaCityFC

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