Not a Shock? South Sound posts latest Tacoma indoor soccer incident

John Crouch (center) has posted an explanation and public plea in regards to what he says is the latest move by Marian Bowers. (Jeff Halstead)

John Crouch (center) has posted an explanation and public plea in regards to what he says is the latest move by Marian Bowers. (Jeff Halstead)

by David Falk

TACOMA, WA — It is apparently going to get worse before it gets better. The split in Tacoma indoor soccer is more like a giant divide now after the South Sound Shock of the PASL have posted what they say is the latest move on behalf of Tacoma Galaxy and Pacific Sports Center owner Marian Bowers.

Update: Public records show Pacific Sports Center under legal order, could be shuttered

See part of their post below:

In 2013 a major lawsuit was lost, a lawsuit that seemingly to the outside world could and should have been settled out of court quickly was settled against Marian Bowers, TacomaGalaxy/Stars owner. There was a clear loser in the lawsuit, but many were hurt and while anyone that knows anything about business disputes would agree that taking a case like this to trial is rare and very expensive. It happened in this case and one of our players was caught right in the middle of it. Adam Becker former employee of the “The Soccer Center’s” former management and current employee of “Tacoma Soccer Center’s” current ownership, was subpoenaed to court during the trial. This was not something he chose to do nor did he like doing but was required of him by law and necessary as a duty of an employee of both sides at one point.

Adam has been asked to not attend our game this coming Saturday and I was told the police will be called for ‘trespassing’ if he does come. In the conversation about the situation with Adam with Marian, he was accused of perjury in the court of law. I was also told that 2 players (not to be named here) would also be under this pretense for signing a document that never saw the light of day in this court case but in a conversation with the commissioner later found that he was mandating this not be held up. So without going into too many details about the lawsuit, how it has affected us, the politics in the league and the fact that Marian Bowers owns a team in our league and is also the NW Premier Regional Manager I personally would like to make a statement about our view on all of this and here it is…

Read the rest of South Sound owner John Crouch’s statement on his club’s website.

Want to be part of a movement to create something better for our indoor players and clubs? Start by liking this page: www.Facebook.com/IndoorSoccerNW. Some other articles about PASL politics have recently been posted there.


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One comment on “Not a Shock? South Sound posts latest Tacoma indoor soccer incident

  1. kitsapkid
    January 21, 2014

    sour grapes, Marian Bowers, sour grapes… classy move

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