Public records show Pacific Sports Center is in receivership, could be shuttered

Soccer action from 2013 at Tacoma's Pacific Sports Center. (Wilson Tsoi)

Soccer action from 2013 at Tacoma’s Pacific Sports Center. (Wilson Tsoi)

by David Falk

TACOMA, WA — The Pacific Sports Center in Tacoma has gone into receivership via an order issued by Pierce County Judge James Orlando on January 10, 2014. The facility has been owned by Marian Bowers under the business names South Sound Sports Management, LLC and South Sound Sports Ventures, Inc. The property is now legally under the control of McCallen & Sons, Inc. and Dan Fallon. The public documents of the order are available online. goalWA.net has obtained a copy of the 15-page order.

rcvr - order app rcvr-0

Click to enlarge. Public record.

There has been a buzz on social media about the facility and the former legal owner, Marian Bowers. The indoor soccer venue is home to the Tacoma Galaxy of the Premier Arena Soccer League. On Saturday the South Sound Shock of the same league are scheduled to play the Galaxy at the venue. That club posted a story saying that Bowers threatened three Shock players with removal for trespassing if they showed up to play on Saturday night.

“Adam (Becker) has been asked to not attend our game this coming Saturday,” says South Sound owner John Crouch in the post, “and I was told the police will be called for ‘trespassing’ if he does come. In the conversation about the situation with Adam with Marian (Bowers) , he was accused of perjury in the court of law. I was also told that two players (not to be named here) would also be under this pretense…”

goalWA.net shared the link from the Shock and it was soon after that a reader suggested we look into the current legal state of the Pacific Sports Center. The Judge’s order in essence gives McCallen & Sons control over the facility and directs Bowers and staff to follow the wishes of the “receiver.” This legal situation could mean that the Shock players are under no obligation to follow the directions of Bowers. Further, the PASL Premier apparently can’t back Bowers on any legal grounds with a block of Shock players.

It seems likely that the Pacific Sports Center will eventually be shuttered and then sold outright by the receiver. A bit of digging suggests that businesses are put into this situation when they haven’t paid their bills over an extended period of time. This general source says,If the company’s assets are able to cover the debt owed then they may be able to continue operating after receivership, but this is more of a rare exception than the standard. In most cases the insolvent company is too far behind to cover their liabilities using only their assets, at which point the business must be completely liquidated and dissolved in order to repay as many secured debts as possible.”

There has been drama in Tacoma indoor soccer circles for years in and out of the courts. Bowers once operated the Tacoma Soccer Center. She was sued and lost a nearly half-million dollar judgement to Lane Smith, who still has the TSC as a business venture. Bowers ran the Tacoma Stars in the PASL Pro league for two seasons after an extended run in the PASL Premier. The Stars were shuttered this year. Bowers then started the Tacoma Galaxy in the PASL Premier. PASL Commissioner Kevin Milliken has relied on Bowers as the PASL Premier NW Regional Manager, where Bowers has his ear in regards to local matters and league approvals and directives.

Portions of the public record of Pacific Sports Center being ordered into receivership. Click to enlarge.

rcvr - order app rcvr-6

rcvr - order app rcvr-7

rcvr - order app rcvr-11


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11 comments on “Public records show Pacific Sports Center is in receivership, could be shuttered

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  2. kitsapkid
    January 22, 2014

    pretty sure you have to be legal owner in order to have someone removed for trespass….

  3. kitsapkid
    January 22, 2014

    another interesting question: is Kevin Milliken mixing business and pleasure? cuz i cannot figure out for the life of me why on earth he would want to do business with someone that is so bad at it….

  4. goalFOTO
    January 23, 2014

    One of the big networks should make a mini-series drama based on this, “Barely Kickin’,” starring Kathy Bates as Marian Bowers, Bill Pullman as Lane Smith, Shia LeBeouf as Adam Becker, Donald Sutherland as Kevin Milliken and Woody Harrellson as John Crouch!

    • goalWA.net
      January 23, 2014

      Genius! ;)

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  6. Soccer Mom
    February 18, 2014

    My kid takes classes there. Now I’m worried we will pay and the place with shut down. Should I be concerned? Is this imminent? The classes are really good actually. I’ve been impressed. Just wondering if we should switch to TSC which isn’t convenient to where we live.

    • Soccer Grandma
      February 18, 2014

      Pacific Sports & Event Center is not shutting down, as a matter of fact it looks like they are getting more teams every day. Unfortunately the whole story isn’t always told.

      • Soccer Mom
        February 18, 2014

        I worked for a company that sold furniture up until the day they closed. We took orders on one day and on the next we received a phone call saying that the business was closed and we were no longer employed (we employees had no idea until the phone call). Just because there are teams signing up doesn’t give me confidence that it won’t shut down. I would love to hear the other side of the story. Is it posted somewhere?

  7. goalWA.net
    February 18, 2014

    We have requested a statement from the current operators that would give us all an update on the facility. If they reply publicly, we will post that statement.

  8. Soccer Mom
    February 18, 2014

    P.S. Don’t get me wrong. We enjoy PSC. We don’t want it to close. The classes are great and my kid has learned a lot.

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