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“MASL” could come to Kent; Tacoma Stars name likely court-bound

Facebook photo of MASL meetings reveals Stars logo.

Facebook photo of MASL meetings reveals Stars logo.

by David Falk

In the last two days there has been a lot of movement in the world of professional indoor soccer. Former Seattle SeaDogs indoor soccer player Dion Earl seems to be heading up a group that will put a “MASL” club in the Kent Showare Center. Or at least they might. Nothing is certain as most of the “announcements” have been via Facebook.  Owners are meeting in Baltimore this weekend, and also using social media to share their gathering.

On social media it was revealed that the Tacoma Stars logo is on an MASL (we assume “Major Arena Soccer League”) document. Later Marian Bowers, who ran the PASL Tacoma Stars, was seen in a photo from the meetings (see below.)

Meanwhile, back in the Northwest a group who tried to get the Stars into the new league sent us a link to a statement they made about their efforts. Read it here.

The statement details how this group was eventually told to work with Bowers, as she owns the Tacoma Stars name and rights in the region. She might have MASL rights, but does she own the “Stars?”

No, according to a release we posted yesterday here. The statement from the Tacoma Soccer Center says they have been granted legal purchase of the name and its assets for $12,100. See the legal order below.

order authorizing sale _ stars-0

order authorizing sale _ stars-1

order authorizing sale _ stars-2

goalWA.net has been exchanging emails with some of the people involved. From Dion Earl we were told: “If you want the truth you can look at the Tacoma Stars Facebook page.  By the way I’m at the owners meeting in Baltimore silently.  It will be announced on the PASL website this Monday as well that I’m the official and legal owner.” Later Earl sent us this message: “Talk to the Secretary of state.  Pull up the legal state documents.  Ask the commissioner Kevin Milliken.  Ask to see the official league paperwork signed by me.  That is all I will say.”

Lane Smith, the Tacoma Soccer Center part of this equation, tells us: “Mr. Earl can use any name he chooses for his new team. Just not the Tacoma Stars.”

Tweeted: Marian Bowers (far right) at the MASL meetings.

Tweeted: Marian Bowers (far right) at the MASL meetings.




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9 thoughts on ““MASL” could come to Kent; Tacoma Stars name likely court-bound

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  2. A better example would have been hostess. Given that bankruptcy was a part of both.

    When the twinkle company went bankrupt if I registered the name hostess with the secretary of state does that mean the trustee can’t discharge the sale of hostess? I could have owned the hostess brand by simply registering the name with the state. I missed out.

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  4. Please read the court document. The Tacoma Stars were personally owned by the Bowers and identified as assets and have been in active use. Bankruptcy is a federal matter.

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