Capital City Soccer Club plans reboot with new website

by David Falk

You may not know the name Carlos Dextre, and you may not know the recent fate of Capital City FC, but we caught up with the guy who remains dedicated to his vision of founding a fully-operational soccer club in Washington State’s capital to see just how he’s doing, and how his dreams are adapting to the realities of starting a football club in these parts.

Carlos Dextre is first and foremost a lover of the sport of soccer. A passionate guy who plays at a higher level in adult leagues than many of us could ever hope to. He’s got a dream to establish a soccer club in Olympia. I spoke with Dextre about his dream as it began to take shape last year. Here is a list of stories from my work at Examiner.

Things seemed to be progressing for Dextre and the Black and Orange. Then one of the co-founders of the side abruptly left and took the recently-awarded CCFC United Soccer Leagues Super-20 club with him. A new club was quickly formed by Dextre’s former partner, Thurston County Premier FC, which is playing this season in the Super-20 (and struggling greatly). Dextre was left to decide if he should continue with CCFC, or just move on in his life.

He can’t let go of his dream. While he works for a living and plays for Juventus of the NHSL, Carlos is also keeping his vision alive.

In a few weeks Dextre will debut a website that he has spent a ton of time, and his own cash, on developing. will come online, and with it Dextre hopes to reboot his vision for the greater Oly area club.

Here is a Q & A with Carlos, looking back…but mostly looking forward.

Carlos Dextre, the soccer player.

David: What are the reasons for the name adjustment and the new website?

Carlos: There are a number of reasons for the name change, but the more obvious reason is that the name Capital City FC was taken by Capital City FC of Ottawa, Canada, so it really made sense to pursue the name we created two years ago and really just kind of contour it to be our own, especially since we are also representing our capital, the Capital City of Washington. Another reason was also to kind of take the initiative and be different. How many “SC’s” do you know at the end of a club name? I think people prefer “FC” now days, but I think it’s unique and it’s also what is going to set us apart from the rest.

The website was actually something I had intended to do last year for Capital City FC. Our site last year was very popular but at times unorganized and unprofessional. Now, there is no denying the craftsmanship that went into this site, the club, and the idea as a whole. I’m aware it might not be perfect as far as content is concerned, but it’s a really good start, a great tool, and Andrew DeSumma and everyone over at the Williams Group Marketing and Design did a fantastic job on this website, and I couldn’t be happier.

What is the current status of Capital City Soccer Club?

Currently, Capital City SC is still in the rebuilding process. I feel very optimistic about our future and I hope when people see the new website we can move forward!

Describe your dream and vision for the club.

My dream is to have a club full of players who want to play soccer, whether it’s recreational or competitive. I am organizing this club trying to accommodatethose who might be in school, those who have jobs, and those who have families. If someone just wants to come out and play once a week, I want for that individual to have that opportunity, and if someone wants to play competitively and is willing to make a real commitment to doing so then I would like to be able to offer that opportunity as well.

What do you need to make it happen?

Sponsorships. We recently got our first Capital City team since the rebuild to play in the SWSA Co-Ed open league, paid for by Lacey Ultimate Fitness Center which has been a sponsor of ours since last year. Now there is a team: Capital City LUFC! Huge thanks to LUFC for the sponsorship! It’s a prime example of our idea coming to life, and any business can take part in our movement!

Which leagues do you follow and watch with interest when it comes to CCSC? Pacific Coast Soccer League? PDL? NPSL? Local leagues? Talk about what you are looking for in a league for your top team.

Our league interest at the moment is strictly local. We are not ready to branch out and compete against some of the best in our state yet. I’ve been involved in soccer in our state from the youth level all the way to the semi professional level and when we have something good I will know.

There is a perfect example of a local team that is competing at the national level playing in the Super 20’s, actually my former club Vice President is in charge of that team now, and at the moment they are struggling for a win, so I’d like to just be sure I’m making the right decision when it comes to leagues. Having said that, the Nino Heroes Soccer League (NHSL) is our primary league. They play locally at the RAC here in Lacey and their prices are extremely reasonable. As for the recreational aspect , I’m convinced that the South Washington Soccer Association is one of the best leagues in our area to go play the game and just have fun, the atmosphere is great and the people are even better!

The Capital City Soccer Club crest.

How would you like Olympia-area soccer fans to be involved in helping make a club happen?

Olympia fans are the best fans, first and foremost! The future of our club really depends on our community and their involvement. Sue Falash, the Field Coordinator for the Lacey Parks and Recreation, has been an amazing supporter since day one. She’s been so helpful throughout the process and we need more people like her to support the movement! We want to be able to give back to the community and reciprocate the support. Once established, volunteering and community give-back are going to be part of our club duties. If you’re not a fan yet, I have a feeling that you will be soon!

What’s next?

Moving forward! I will continue to work towards making our dream a reality for many. Things are going well at the moment and I’m just going to work off the forward momentum and hope that our time is now!

How is the season going for Juventus? Will they play a part in the future of Capital City Soccer Club?

Viva Juve! We finished 3rd out of sixteen teams and won our first round playoff match this past Sunday! We’re on to the semis and up against one of the strongest teams in the league. The game will be July 26th at the RAC in Lacey, time TBD.

Playing for Juventus has been great for my game. All the players on team are skillful and in the beginning of the season we occasionally had Tacoma Stars and Tide players come out and play with the team, so it’s been great. Ruben Arias, who assists Juan Espinoza with the Nino Heroes Soccer League (NHSL), is also in charge of Juventus. Ruben has shown interest in Capital City SC and wants to help get it off the ground as well. At the moment there are no plans for a Capital City Juventus squad yet, but hopefully in the future when our club is a little more established, it can happen.


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