Picture Perfect: Behind the goal shots by Wilson Tsoi

A recent batch of photos sent to goalWA.net by photographer Wilson Tsoi had a few that have garnered some buzz because of the angle from which they were taken.

How did Tsoi get match action shots looking from the ground up into the goal?

Washington’s leading goalscorer Sarah Martinez slides into the goal and is captured by Wilson Tsoi’s remote camera. (Wilson Tsoi)

by David Falk

I wanted to know just how Wilson Tsoi shot those images from Sunday’s Husky Women’s soccer match. I had an idea, since Tsoi was also shooting along the sidelines, that he must have been using some sort of remote control camera.

Wilson says of getting shots that look right back into the face of the goal mouth: “Get to the game early enough to set a remote camera behind goal.” (I’ll add that you might also need permission from the club or officials.)

“The camera is set behind the goal on a floor stand or a tabletop tripod as a support. A radio remote transceiver is mounted on the camera via a trigger cord (camera specific) and is set to the same channel as a triggering transceiver,” Tsoi describes. ‘There are different transceivers, combination transmitter and receiver, available out there, though I usually use Pocket Wizard units.”

Once the equipment is ready, technique comes next. “I trigger the remote camera whenever I anticipate shot-on-goals and corners,” says Tsoi. “I typically keep the camera set on manual focus with focus at around goal line with a wide angle lens and hopefully at least an f8 or smaller to maximize depth of field. That’s it, quite simple really.”

Directly below are two photos of the same play. It’s Stanford’s overtime winner against Washington in a recent Pac-12 match. Tsoi was on the sidelines while also using the remote to capture the goal by Stanford All-American Teresa Noyola from two angles.

Simple? Perhaps for someone with experience. The results produce shots that give us a new angle on the sport.

See Wilson’s Huskies-Utah gallery at Facebook.com/goalWA.


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