Free Guide: What to consider when branding your soccer club

I am a big believer in striving for a ‘professional appearance’ at every level of soccer. This includes how a youth club picks its name and chooses its crest and logo.

by David Falk

That is why for two years running we have held the “Best Crest in the State of Washington” voting contest. It’s to encourage clubs to look their best, to be as professional as possible even in an amateur / youth setting.

I recently visited the offices of Korrio and ‘branding’ was a topic that I discussed with Kristina O’Connell, VP of Marketing. We talked about the huge success of the 2011 Best Crest vote and how this reflected an interest out there in the state of Washington for improving the look and overall image of youth clubs. Turns out that a few months back O’Connell scripted a guide on this very topic, along the lines of the importance of branding youth soccer clubs. It is called the Branding Best Practices Guide.

“Creating a brand for your club is an exciting opportunity to define and communicate who you are and what you believe in. Whether you’re a competitive, premier club or a family-oriented recreational league, your organization can benefit from a strong brand. A brand builds trust. It’s a commitment to a unique identity and set of principles. And it’s expressed through every facet of your organization – from your logo design to your staff.” —Kristina O’Connell, Korrio.

We both wanted to make her presentation available to clubs at all levels in the state of Washington. Now you can GO HERE to ask Korrio to send you a free copy of the Branding Best Practices Guide. It’s a must-read for all clubs, but especially those who are thinking about rebranding, updating their look, or merging.

More from the Guide: A solid brand also helps you raise more money on a number of levels, as everyone is more excited to support an organization that appears professional, tight and goal-oriented. Parents are more likely to sign their kids up for – and pay the necessary fees to – teams and clubs that offer the most value. Likewise, local businesses are eager to support clubs and teams with solid reputations. A well-designed website with room to plug your sponsors is a big plus, as is finding ways to include your sponsors in branding or media opportunities.


2 thoughts on “Free Guide: What to consider when branding your soccer club

  1. Thank you for the “food for thought”. I learned a few things, including the “Best Crest” contest. Nothing like an award for motivation!

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