Sammy migrates north to a new pod

World Wide Exclusive! Sammy Sounder SeaWolf opens up about life in North Sound!

Only was able to secure this exclusive chat with the whale who once roamed the sidelines at Qwest CenturyLink Field. The pizza salmon is delicious and plentiful up north, and the soccer has its own runs, too. While Sammy remains a fan of the Seattle Sounders Sounders FC, the wonderful whale is now busy orca-nizing cheers for the SeaWolves.

What has Sammy been doing between 2008 (Sounders) and 2011 (SeaWolves)?

Sammy: I continued to follow the Sounders as they transitioned to Major League Soccer. Watching and supporting the Sounders as they transitioned from USL to MLS was amazing. It was more than I ever imagined would happen, but I missed being out there and pumping the crowd up. When my good friend, Andrew Smolen, SeaWolves FC goalkeeper coach, told me Alex Silva was going to start a new PDL club in Snohomish County, I couldn’t contain my excitement! I started up my off-season workouts. I have to keep my tail as fit as possible and there was a lot of Mad Pizza consumed in that 2008 Sounders season. You’d be surprised how much energy is used running around and keeping the fans and supporters pumped up for a whole match! Lots of dance practice and fin curls are involved.

Qwest Field was once home of Sammy the Sounder.

What do you miss most about those old Sounders days?

I’d say Craig Tomlinson, but I still get to see him all the time since he played for the SeaWolves in their inaugural season (2011). I do miss the rest of the Sounders guys, but I’ve gotten a whole new pod of friends with the awesome SeaWolves FC players. Anyone who enjoyed following Sounders FC back in the old days should come on up to Edmonds-Woodway Stadium and check out our hometown SeaWolves FC.

What was the best part of becoming a SeaWolf last year?

Being out in front of the crowd and pumping up the fans! (I even got to eat a Kitsap Pumas scarf.) Every one of the guys on the team has been very welcoming and I love helping cheer them on to 3 points!

Did fans remember you?

Some of them did, and that was fun. But I love that I get to pump up a whole new generation of soccer fans now! Spreading the enthusiasm and joy of the sport is the best feeling. There are actually fans from other PDL teams that recognize me too. They are so nice and always come up to say hi at games, even if we’re cheering that day for different teams.

Why should soccer fans follow North Sound SeaWolves FC in 2012?

Besides the fact that they rock? Everyone who comes to a SeaWolves FC match is in for an entertaining event. Whether you are a family looking for a great outing or a hardcore soccer enthusiast who can’t get enough of the game, or whether you are new to soccer and are curious what all the fuss is about, you are bound to have a great time. Tickets are reasonably priced, parking is free, the field is local here in Snohomish County, and anyone can go to make new friends and have a great time in the community. The team and I thank the community and our fans for their support. Let’s make 2012 the year of the SeaWolf!

What were your New Year’s Whalesolutions?

Well, between you and me, I really wish I could try out for the team this year, but sadly, I still have some work to do on my ball skills. The team is having open tryouts though, February 18, 2012 in Edmonds. Find details online here!


North Sound SeaWolves News is sponsored by Pro Roofing Northwest, a Kirkland Washington roofing company.

Sammy SeaWolf has found a second life with the SeaWolves pod.

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