Ruffneck Cup kicks off May 19 when Sounders U23 visits Kitsap Pumas

It’s fitting that the first-ever Ruffneck Cup match pits two former rivals against each other. Tacoma Tide FC and the Pumas once battled for the Narrows Bridge Bell.” Now the newly renamed Sounders U23 will take aim at the defending national champions in the first kick of the inaugural Puget Sound PDL competition. and Ruffneck Scarves recently announced the establishment of a new cup competition featuring all of the state of Washington’s Premier Development League clubs. The Ruffneck Cup will be awarded to the team that earns the most standings points against its rivals during the 2012 regular PDL season. Besides hoisting a trophy the winning side will also receive Ruffneck Championship scarves and be the guest of a local pub for a celebration dinner. will keep the official updated standings so fans can follow their neighborhood club’s progress.

2012 Ruffneck Cup Standings PTS GF GA GD
1. Kitsap Pumas 0 0 0 0
2. North Sound SeaWolves FC 0 0 0 0
3. Sounders U23 0 0 0 0
4. Washington Crossfire 0 0 0 0

Clubs will be awarded three points (PTS)  for each win and one point for each tie. The tiebreaker rules (see below) use Goals For (GF), Goals Against (GA) and Goal Differential (GD).

The Premier Development League has released the 2012 season schedule and we are now able to post the complete Ruffneck Cup fixture list as well as the tiebreaker rules.

Ruffneck Cup Matches 2012

19…Sounders U23 at Kitsap Pumas, 7 PM
23…North Sound SeaWolves at Washington Crossfire, 7 PM
30…Kitsap Pumas at Washington Crossfire, 7 PM

1….Washington Crossfire at North Sound SeaWolves, 7:30 PM
3….Kitsap Pumas at North Sound SeaWolves, 3 PM
8….Washington Crossfire at Sounders U23, 7:30 PM
15…Kitsap Pumas at Sounders U23, 7:30 PM
20…Washington Crossfire at North Sound SeaWolves, 7:30 PM
29…Sounders U23 at North Sound SeaWolves, 7:30 PM
29…Washington Crossfire at Kitsap Pumas, 7:30 PM

1….North Sound SeaWolves at Kitsap Pumas, 3 PM
1….Sounders U23 at Washington Crossfire, 5 PM
6….Sounders U23 at Kitsap Pumas, 7:30 PM
11…North Sound SeaWolves at Sounders U23, 7:30 PM

Tiebreakers: If two or more clubs are tied at the end of the competition the tiebreakers shall be, in this order:
1. Head-to-head results
2. Goal differential in head-to-head results
3. Goal differential in all cup results
4. Most goals scored in all cup results

The Ruffneck Cup fixture list features an unbalanced number of home / away matches. While each club will play seven Ruffneck Cup games, the North Sound SeaWolves and Kitsap Pumas will host four, while the Sounders U23 and Washington Crossfire will host three each. This is necessary due to the unbalanced division schedule. Further, both the SeaWolves and Sounders U23 were scheduled to play an eighth local match against each other on June 10th. That match has been dropped from the competition to balance the list at seven matches each. The SeaWolves and Sounders U23 will meet a second time at the U23’s venue to end the competition on July 11th.

“Ruffneck Scarves is very excited about getting involved with another great Northwest soccer rivalry and tradition,” says founder Jeff McIntyre. “We are always looking at ways we can get involved in our local soccer community, and what better way to show our support than to sponsor a local Puget Sound derby amongst four clubs that promote player development with a high level of competition.”

Ruffneck Scarves makes custom soccer scarves and supports the game at every local level.


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