Picture Perfect: Stunning Freestyle photos from Alki Beach / West Seattle

On Saturday April 28 photographer Stephanie Brownfield met up with David Falk to do a photo / video shoot with the guys from Seattle Freestyle Soccer. Several of the photos have already gone viral. See more.

by David Falk

Scenic Alki Beach in West Seattle was our chosen locale to meet and shoot the trio from Seattle Freestyle Soccer.

Stephanie Brownfield (www.StephanieBrownfield.com) graciously volunteered to take the photos and I tagged along to shoot behind the scenes video and do some interviews. We have published all of the video content previously this week, and now we can reveal the link to our stunning Facebook gallery of photos from the shoot.

Cole Morgan, Cory Black and Noah Garrabrant were good sports, willing to accommodate us and occasionally try a few silly things, such as wading into the water. Turns out that the cold Puget Sound makes feet numb to doing the tight tricks they would like.

See a few photos below, along with a repost of our behind the scenes video (above) from the shoot. See all 43 photos here in our Facebook.com/goalWA gallery.

Visit: www.Facebook.com/SeattleFreestyleSoccer
Visit: www.Facebook.com/StephanieBrownfield

Cory Black.
Cole Morgan.
Noah Garrabrant.


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