Dungeness Cup debuts this summer in Sequim

Anyone who has been to the Olympic Peninsula and made it up to Sequim knows what a beautiful part of the state it is. This summer Sequim Junior Soccer  will host an early August tournament that should be a great time for youth players and adult chaperones alike. We sent some questions to SJS President and Dungeness Cup Tournament Director Ken Garling so we could learn more about how the Cup has come to be.

goalWA.net: How did the Dungeness Cup come about? What’s the process of getting ‘sanctioned?’

Ken Garling: It all started with a need for more field space. As youth sports continued to grow in Sequim the need for more playing fields became apparent. A group called Sequim Family Advocates approached The City of Sequim with a plan to construct 14 acres of open land (Albert Haller Playfields) into usable fields for soccer, lacrosse and flag football. The good news is a multi-use playfield site is already available under city ownership. No new land purchase is necessary. The City of Sequim and the non-profit group, Sequim Family Advocates, have agreed on plans to develop a 14 acre section of currently unimproved land in the City’s Water Reuse Demonstration Park (just North of Carrie Blake Park). With these fields Sequim Junior Soccer would be able to not only use them for their regular league play but also have the opportunity to host a soccer tournament….thus The Dungeness Cup was born.

Tournament sanctioning is done through Washington State Youth Soccer and US Youth Soccer. I had to fill out some paperwork and submit it to my local and district associations for approval. Once approved the paperwork went on to WSYSA for final approval.

Visit: http://www.dungenesscup.com/home.php

Visit: http://www.visitsunnysequim.com/

Describe the fields that will be used / tournament format.

The Albert Haller Playfields will be tournament headquarters for The Dungeness Cup. Albert Haller has nearly 14 acres of first class, multi-use, natural grass playfields. The Agnew Fields is an all grass 7.4-acre soccer complex east of Port Angeles and is home to The Storm King Soccer Club.The land hosts two soccer fields, eating area and restrooms. We will also be using the Sequim High School grass fields. All together we will have over 25 acres of grass fields ready to be played on.

Tournament Format:

—Open to U11 through U16 boys and girls
—Every team is guaranteed 3 games
—All games will be 30 minutes halves, with the exception of U11. They will play 25 minutes halves
—Every game will have a center referee and two linesmen
—Entry fee is $400.00 per team
—Entry deadline is July 8th, 2012
—There will be no separate division for recreational teams

The Sequim Farmer’s Market takes over the sidestreets. (Photos by David Falk)

What can the whole family look forward to in the Sequim area?

Sequim is paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking through pristine forests and along the nation’s longest natural spit, golfing at our distinct golf courses, biking along the Olympic Discovery Trail, fishing in fresh or saltwater and visiting our local berry and lavender farms are just a few of the ideas for your visit to Sequim. You’ll find activities and interests for all members of the family. Let’s not forget soccer.. and plenty of it.

Describe Sequim Junior Soccer and its role in soccer in your area.

We are a recreational soccer club with over 600 kids playing soccer during the Fall and Spring seasons. The club was first formed in 1980 with just a handful of kids participating. Today we are the largest youth sports league in Sequim. SJS is fortunate to have a great group of board members who have an active hands on approach to soccer in Sequim. We strive to live up to our mission statement..”Where community and soccer are one.”

What was your personal role in the cup being born?

As president of SJS I had the opportunity to be a part of the planning meetings and city meetings from the very beginning. I am very fortunate to have played a part in the new playfields project. When I was asked by Sequim Family Advocates to be the Tournament Director for the Dungeness Cup I was excited and honored to be selected. This has truly been a dream of mine to be able to be a part of the first soccer tournament in Sequim.

List a couple of things that will make the first year a success in your eyes.

—Strong club turnout, both locally and across the state. Our goal is to have at least 50 teams the first year.
—Raving fans. The best part would be the positive feedback we get from not only the players but also the parents. Not only did they enjoy the tournament but more importantly the enjoyed Sequim and will be back next year.


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