Daniel Fabian: From Providence to Bremerton (video interview)

Daniel Fabian has come all the way across the country to continue his professional soccer dream. goalWA.net visited with the central midfielder in this video interview.

by David Falk

Saturday May 12, 7 PM Fraser Valley Mariners at Kitsap PumasĀ 

No pressure, but Daniel Fabian’s InfoSport scouting report is a glowing one. Lots of fours and fives.

Now the Providence grad has a chance to show what he can do at the next level.

I talked with Fabian recently in the video interview posted below. He’s at ease on the pitch and also in front of the camera. Turns out he majored in Theater.

First stop Bremerton. Next stop, Tinsel Town?


Daniel Fabian shows off his tattoos. The central midfielder is playing with the Kitsap Pumas in the PDL this spring and summer.

4 thoughts on “Daniel Fabian: From Providence to Bremerton (video interview)

  1. I talked with Daniel quite a bit up at the preseason match in Bellingham and at the Kitsap Youth Expo. He is a nice young man and will be a great asset to the team on the field and off the field during school visits and youth camps.

  2. Daniel had a great showing at the InfoSport combine this year and we are very excited that the Pumas contacted us when they saw his scouting report. He deserves a chance at the pro level.
    Julie Lanzillo
    InfoSport Inc.

  3. Does anyone know if Daniel is still playing? and if he has made it professionally yet? Pro Sports Pathways has an event in June which can help him gain exposure to professional coaches from Europe.

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