Eastside FC aligns with Albion SC to enhance player experience

Eastside FC announces a partnership today with Albion Soccer Club to share best practices on and off the soccer pitch in operating their youth soccer programs.

Top Pacific Northwest and Southern Cal Clubs develop new ways to advance

Seattle, WA and CA (May 23, 2012) – Eastside Football Club (EFC) and Albion Soccer Club (ASC), two nationally recognized soccer clubs on the west coast, have announced a strategic partnership that will focus on sharing best practices in areas like coach and player development, their club’s competition models and efficiencies in club operations and service. Both clubs are highly competitive, have great reputations and histories of success on the national stage and most importantly share a similar set of values and aspirations.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Albion SC, whose teams we have competed against on a regional and national level for years. We both share a commitment to soccer excellence, a high level of on and off the field values and a goal of continually improving the youth soccer experience for our players and families” said Tim Bauman, President, EFC. We will use our partnership with Albion SC to create a strong southern California focus in our competition model.”

Eastside Football Club was originally founded as a soccer development program for players and families seeking the highest level of competition. Today, the club has grown to the elite level with more than 50 teams that continue to win Washington State championships and Regional and National championships while producing collegiate, academy and national level players who are also young men and women of character.

The Club draws a diverse group of players from the east side of Lake Washington and they play and train at a world-class soccer facility at Preston Park.

“Our partnership with Eastside is one that we look forward to in strategically coming together creating some great ideas that will continue to enhance what we are doing as clubs and also create great opportunities that we can bring to our teams and players to further develop them”, said Noah Gins, Albion SC’s Technical Director. We are thinking outside the box and looking to change the dynamics of what is possible in youth soccer by merging great concepts and resources.”

The Albion Soccer Club, a Southern California Premier Club consisting of over 50 teams and a very structured organization with a model that allows the club to excel. Albion SC believes strongly in player development as the approach to building the soccer club and individual teams, while always maintaining a club atmosphere. They use a standardized curriculum that keeps the entire program operating together and developing the players in the same fashion. The entire coaching staff gets trained on the “Albion Way”; a system geared to train and develop the player and teams in the most progressive manner. They expect every player in the club to master the “Core Curriculum” of Albion SC allowing all of their players to have the best foundation to play the game and exhibit some of the best technical skills in Southern California.

About EFC
The Eastside Football Club was established in 1970 and they are a non-profit organization whose charter is to provide the soccer infrastructure for approximately 850 soccer players, ages 10 through 19, who play at the elite Premier level. There over 50 teams all of which are coached by 30 professional coaches who hold various levels of Washington Youth Soccer Association sanctioned licenses. EFC operates year round and they are governed by the policies and procedures of the Eastside Youth Soccer Association, the Washington Youth Soccer Association and US Youth Soccer.

About Albion SC
Albion SC was established in 1981 and they are a non-profit organization with over 1500 players ages 3-19 all being trained and lead by highly regarded coaching staff. The Mission of Albion SC is to develop successful, well-rounded individuals who exhibit good sportsmanship, ethical and moral behavior, and good citizenship. We aim to leverage the challenges and life lessons of striving for excellence in competitive soccer into molding young people to understand the value of teamwork, sportsmanship and hard work while fostering an environment that allows players to reach their full potential and love for the game.


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