Former Sounder Colin Rigby behind new Islander FC

Something new is going down on Mercer Island soccer, and former USL Seattle Sounder and current Mercer Island High School head soccer coach Colin Rigby is behind it.

See more as it appears on their website. contains the following statement (see below).

Islander FC Facebook

“We are not governed by the Washington State Soccer Organization therefore have the opportunity to hire a PRIVATE world class training club to teach, monitor and provide advanced skill development to our youth soccer teams. As parents, we know that our goal is to seek out the most professional training available for our youth athletes.

Islander FC has contracted with a prominent team with over 25 years of elite soccer playing and coaching experience throughout the US and UK. We are excited to bring this to our girls and boys!

One of the first Islander FC teams. Founder Colin Rigby is at left. (Islander FC Facebook Page)

We have chosen US Soccer Club for many reasons. For more information on the US Soccer Club please go to their website at:

We are confident you will find the history of the US Club Soccer to be as solid as the professional, helpful and knowledgebale staff.

We are excited to have our U8, U9, and U10 teams play at Starfire and to practice here on the Island.”


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