Countdown in History: 1976 Seattle Sounders

In 1976 the North American Soccer League Seattle Sounders grew up and graduated to the spacious new Kingdome. The club also got its first-ever playoff win, over the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Today continues a daily count-up of our Museum pages of Seattle soccer history! We are covering the three incarnations of the Sounders as well as FC Seattle. Be sure to check back everyday until we catch up to the current season! It all began for Seattle pro soccer back in 1974…now we are up to…1976.

The Museum Lobby is located HERE, or select “Museum” from the menu above.

We have plenty of dead links in the place right now, but we will be fixing them as we count up to today’s Sounders.

>>> The 1976 Seattle Sounders Museum Archive Page is HERE.

The Sounders wnet 14-10 in 1976, but it was good enough for a first-round match against the Vancouver Whitecaps in the NASL playoffs. Seattle took the match before over 30,000 fans in the Kingdome on a goal from Geoff Hurst. The next round wasn’t as kind as Seattle fell before over 50,000 fans in Minnesota to the Kicks, 3:0.

The year is remembered for the move to the Kingdome, which also hosted Soccer Bowl 76 (won by Toronto 3:0 over Minnesota). The Dome was a challenge for fans who had loved the intimacy of Memorial Stadium. However, the Sounders averaged nearly 24,000 fans per match as their attendance continued to rise.


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