Countdown in History: 1977 Seattle Sounders

They say the first time is always remembered, and for Sounders fans it’s true. The first Seattle league Final is one still talked about 35 years later. Pele and the Cosmos against Seattle at of all places…old Civic Stadium in Portland, Oregon.

Today continues a daily count-up of our Museum pages of Seattle soccer history! We are covering the three incarnations of the Sounders as well as FC Seattle. Be sure to check back everyday until we catch up to the current season! It all began for Seattle pro soccer back in 1974…now we are up to…1977.

The Museum Lobby is located HERE, or select “Museum” from the menu above.

We have plenty of dead links in the place right now, but we will be fixing them as we count up to today’s Sounders.

>>> The 1977 Seattle Sounders Museum Archive Page is HERE.

The city of Seattle had yet to experience the Seattle SuperSonics’ back-to-back NBA Finals appearances in 1978 and 79, so when the Sounders surprised everyone with a playoff run to Soccer Bowl ’77 it was exciting news. Soccer Bowl ’77 was just down I-5 in Portland, and thousands of Seattleites made the trip. The local fans from Portland seemed to side with Pele and the Cosmos.

Do I even need to recount the drama of that day to you? Crazy gaffes, Pele’s goodbye, the first of two Chinaglia Sounders-killers?

What remains are the intense memories of the emotions of this amazing season. 58,000 fans crammed into the Kingdome to see Jocky Scott’s header beat LA. The little club from the small ‘burg in the NW going up against New York and the mighty Cosmos. The culmination of fours years of building a club, a crescendo of hearts pounding as Seattle desperately tried to draw level in the Final. The late Stevie Buttle at one point deep into the match hitting wordwork. Pele giving his jersey to native son Jimmy McAlister.

It was never better than this in terms of fan connection and drama, pure love for the city and the badge.

The 1977 Sounders Pages are some of our best, with sub-pages and videos of those grand days, and that grand season of firsts, first loves, and crushed hopes.

Find the book below if you can. It is must-reading for Sounders fans.


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