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Nearly 30 youth club crests nominated so far for Korrio Best Crest 2012

Nominations for 2012 Korrio Best Crest are open through July 31, 2012. See details here.

In the first week of official nominations added 29 club crests to the Facebook Nominations Gallery.

After nominations close the group will be whittled down to 12 for our first of two votes on picking the eventual winner.

“The Best Crest Vote was started back in 2010 to encourage our youth clubs to take pride in their crests and colors and also to honor the best with a chance to be voted tops in state,” contest founder David Falk of explains. “Last year we had thousands of votes and the last day of the contest remains to this day the busiest day in’s short history.”

Nominations for Korrio Best Crest are open between now and July 31st, 2012. After nominations have closed graphics designer Joel DuChesne of Luminous Creative (Everett) will help trim the entrants down to 12. From there two public votes will be held online at The first will narrow the field to six, the last will decide the winner.

In 2010 Black Hills FC won the vote. Last year it went to the Spokane Scotties. See the history of the contest at

Nomination can be sent to Clubs and their supporters may also submit their crests online at in a special thread started for the contest.

Nominations end at midnight July 31, 2012.

About Korrio

Korrio is a youth sports automation platform for organizations and families. Gone are the days of cobbling together multiple products from multiple vendors to get the job done.  Korrio offers an end-to-end unified system called Playflow which combines registration, team formation, scheduling, communication, club/team web hosting and mobile access – all in one integrated platform.  At Korrio, we want you to have “More Sport, Less Hassle”.


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