Hope Solo: “Hey, where’s my league to play in?”

Hope Solo: “Hey, where’s my league to play in?”

Hope Solo makes the save for the Sounders Women in a W-League this season against the Colorado Rush. Next stop? (Wilson Tsoi)

The United States Women played before 80,000 fans in Wembley Stadium as they edged Japan for the Olympic Gold Medal this summer. Now those same heroes are scattering to leagues around the globe, but not to a league at home.

“If I sit back and think about it, it’s a little bit bothersome,” Richland, Washington native Hope Solo recently told USA Today. “I do get a little bit angry that there is no season.”

Women’s soccer fans are well aware of the failure of both the WUSA and WPS to stay afloat and give some of our more talented athletes a chance to stay home and play for pay. Recently word has circulated about a third attempt to begin a women’s pro soccer league. Seattle would have an expansion franchise in that yet-to-be-named venture.

“We want a league that will not only keep the best players here but also bring  in the best international players,” Solo said in the USA Today article. “It takes an ownership that is willing to lose some money.”

Bill Predmore in the Seattle P-I

I absolutely see where she’s (Hope Solo) coming from,” Bill Predmore told the Seattle P-I. “And I think what she’s probably talking about is owners with a commitment to make it work in the long term.”

Predmore is making news as an owner for a Seattle candidate to join the proposed new league as early as 2013.

“Right now, there’s literally dozens of amateur clubs that are out there,” Predmore explained to the P-I. “The idea is to get the best of the best together in this new league, and I think the argument is that the best players are going to want to play against the best.”

One of the amateur teams “out there” already plays in Seattle, and is called the Sounders Women.

While Predmore speaks often with Sounders Women owners Cliff McElroy and Lane Smith, he is also fronting as a guy who wants his own new club. The Sounders Women recently announced they will be back in some league in 2013.

Two teams in two leagues for Seattle? Is there enough love to go around?

“It’s hard to say,” Predmore said in the P-I story. “I’m hopeful that the town is big enough for two teams.”

Earlier reports: New league to include new Seattle club, New owner interviewed, Can’t we all get along?

Solo would applaud a new league in the USA, with owners “willing to lose some money.” (Wilson Tsoi)

3 thoughts on “Hope Solo: “Hey, where’s my league to play in?”

  1. I would love to encourage my daughters to seek a professional career in soccer, but if all that the role models are interested in is modeling their naked bodies in paint “because soccer has given them a fantastic body” then I’d rather my girls find a career where they can keep their clothes on. Sure, the guys like it, but do you really want to be known for your skills in the paint or on the pitch? It’s amazing to me that women still cry “foul” for lack of respect from their male counterparts when they pull stuff like that.

    1. The Men take their clothes off too. You have exposed a double standard. Equality means just that…either side can be naked without judgment…or I suppose the reverse could also be true. Both sides should then be judged for such photos.

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