Seattle Futsal joins as Title Sponsor

Seattle Futsal joins as Title Sponsor, a news, feature, video and photo website specializing in covering soccer in the state of Washington is excited to announce a new partnership with Seattle Futsal, who will become the site’s third Title Sponsor.

Seattle Futsal organizes the sport of futsal in the Seattle area through leagues, clinics, camps and tournaments. Futsal is a form of indoor soccer played 5 v 5 on a wall-less hard-court surface. A futsal ball is slightly smaller and heavier than a soccer ball. This and the lack of walls encourages development of ball control and foot skills. The fact that it’s played 5 v 5 ensures lots of touches for all players, including constant attacking and shooting opportunities.

While futsal is very popular in countries like Brazil and Spain, Seattle Futsal are essentially introducing this sport to most of the soccer community in Seattle. “It’s challenging, but once people learn about futsal and see it in action it’s very easy for them to recognize the benefits,” says representative Carl Olson. “The fast pace and high scoring games make it a lot of fun for parents to watch. Not to mention being out of the rain and cold in the fall and winter!”

“We have mostly focused on the youth so far but are mixing in more opportunities for adults to play as well,” Olson explains. “Right now we play in the gyms of three different Seattle Community Centers (Ravenna-Eckstein, Miller, and Rainier). We’d love to eventually have a facility dedicated to futsal, but we also appreciate our ability right now to have locations in different regions of the city.”

“’s dedication to providing news and information about soccer in our state is in line with Seattle Futsal’s goal of strengthening our soccer community through educating players, parents and coaches about the game of futsal and all that it offers,” Olson says.

“We are very excited to begin this relationship with Seattle Futsal,” says editor David Falk. “We want to work with Seattle Futsal to get more exposure locally for the sport, and to become a place for futsal news in the state of Washington. Readers can look forward to futsal features, photos and videos in the coming year.” was established in July of 2011 and has had millions of views, clicks and reads over its news pages and social media sites.

Seattle Futsal’s online home is Seattle Futsal has been promoting and organizing the sport of futsal since 2009. Their goal is to introduce kids and adults to this fun sport while helping develop skills that will transfer to the soccer field. “Like” Seattle Futsal on their official Facebook page here.

Seattle Futsal is represented by Peter Cadigan, Carl Olson, and Chris Cadogan.


Carl Olson

David Falk


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