2012 Korrio Best Crest winners: Pacific Northwest Soccer Club

2012 Korrio Best Crest winners: Pacific Northwest Soccer Club

A brand new club with a brand new crest has become the third winner of the annual vote for best youth soccer crest in the state of Washington.

Pacific Northwest Soccer Club are the 2012 winners after taking almost 37% of the popular vote amongst 1,286 cast. They join Blackhills FC (Lacey, 2010) and Spokane Scotties (2011) in the contest Hall of Fame.

It wasn’t long ago that PNWSC didn’t even exist. They formed only recently out of the merger of Greater Renton FC and Dos FC.

Dos and Greater Renton combined to form Pacific Northwest Soccer Club. (Club graphic)

Once the new name was chosen then came efforts to pick new colors and have a crest designed for the new club.

The color scheme is in the vein of West Ham United and Aston Villa of the English Premier League, but the look is all Seattle with the Space Needle graphic crisscrossing the center and functioning as the “A” in “PAC.”

The general readership of goalWA.net liked the look, and the club also rallied its families and friends to vote online. The payoff is winning the 2012 contest and sending 18 club representatives to a pizza party at Korrio offices in Seattle, followed by a stroll down 1st avenue to watch the Sounders tackle FC Dallas on October 21st at CenturyLink Field.


PNWSC on Facebook




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