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Scouting trip: Gordon Field as future Kitsap Pumas home

by David Falk

There’s no reason that Gordon Field can’t be a future permanent home for the Kitsap Pumas Soccer Club of the PDL.  Except for the logistics of spending the money and getting cooperation with Kitsap County, that is.

I went to Gordon Field, where I have been many times before, to take some scouting photos that might give Pumas and PDL fans a better look at the area. See for yourself. It’s a soccer pitch (Field Turf) that looks like it is set in the woods. Actually it is very near the Kitsap County Fairgrounds and just off a two-lane road. As-is the place is a nearly blank template for a small soccer venue.

There would be room for seating along both sidelines, and room for construction of a press box and larger stand along the side opposite the parking lot and closest to the grass areas. Endline seating would be tight, but possible. There need to be restrooms and locker rooms added, or converted inside fairgrounds buildings that sit just behind the east goal. The current parking lot is on the smaller side, but there is plenty of overflow at the fairgrounds.

Gordon Field is a rural site approximately 6.6 miles and 17 minutes from from the Pumas’ current home of Bremerton Memorial Stadium.

Here’s an earlier story on the venue, with a link to a Kitsap Sun story.

Here’s our complete Gordon Field gallery of over 50 shots.


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