Sounders “Caveman Fan” photo goes viral on Facebook with over 40,000 views

Sounders “Caveman Fan” photo goes viral on Facebook with over 40,000 views

by David Falk

There was a huge spike in traffic on the Facebook page over the weekend sending it to a new record for people reached. Tracing the spike it becomes clear the sudden jump is due to a single photo that was liked, shared and buzzed around the time of the Sounders-Timbers match. Taken by Wilson Tsoi at CenturyLink Field during a visit earlier this year by RSL, the photo of a hairy fan caught clickers’ imaginations because the guy looks a bit like the caveman character in those Geico insurance commercials.

In fact, on my personal Facebook page I posted the photo with the caption “Hating the Timbers is so easy even a caveman could do it!” On the goalWA Facebook page the caption was “Hey! Even the guy from the Geico commercials is a Sounders fan!”

A reply to the photo suggests the actual fan is “Will,” and that he is a “cool dude that likes beer.”

We might just owe Will a pint in thanks for the traffic spike.

The previous most-popular photo(s) on goalWA were the bloody Mike Fucito shots by Rick Morrison.

We hope that he is a good sport about all of this. In the commercials the caveman usually gets frustrated and runs out of the room. Are you still with us, Will?’s Facebook page was minding its own business…then a single photo post created this. Page “Likes” are also nearing the 1k mark now.

You just can’t recreate internet buzz and “going viral” at will, but I do wonder if any of the photos below stand a chance of dethroning “Will.” Only time will tell. Check out a few more Sounders fan shots below!

“Out, damn spot!” (Rick Morrison)
“He’s adopted.” (Joseph Armand)
“OK, who had the Guiness?” (Wilson Tsoi)
“Just checking…” (Wilson Tsoi)
“You said FOOTBALL game…”

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