Legends reunite in Tacoma

Legends reunite in Tacoma

TACOMA, Wash. – Star players from recent eras of indoor and outdoor professional soccer in the Northwest gathered with a packed house of appreciative fans on Friday November 9 at the Tacoma Soccer Center for the first annual Northwest Soccer Legends night. Blue topped white 8:4 but that didn’t really matter for the players or audience, who enjoyed seeing old friends and longtime soccer heroes.

PHOTO GALLERY: Denise McCooey shares some shots from the night

Players mingled on the main pitch, visiting and catching up. Handshakes, back slaps and hugs all around. Then the PA announcer took over with an extended segment of introductions highlighting the careers of the participants. There was Tommy Jenkins, who scored the first assist ever in the old Kingdome for the NASL Sounders. There was Roger Levesque, who just retired this summer. There was MISL Tacoma Stars goalkeeping favorite John Baretta, and former USL Sounders goalkeeper Ben Dragavon. Ralph Black displayed the same energy (almost!) as he did in previous years for the Stars. There were tumbles, saves, missed kicks, goals, cheers and beers raised in admiration. See the original guest roster here

goalWA.net was at the event and shares a few photos and a video below!

Top Photo: Craig Tomlinson, Roger Levesque, Ben Dragavon, Taylor Graham, Todd Stauber.

Photo Gallery: Chris Coulter / SoundersU23.com

Ralph Black, perhaps the most popular Tacoma Stars player of the MISL era. (David Falk)
Craig Tomlinson of the USL Sounders. (David Falk)
Jason Farrell (A-League / USL Sounders) and Tommy Jenkins (NASL Sounders / FC Seattle.) (David Falk)
Danny Vaughn (UW, NASL Calgary Boomers), Gary Heale (Sounders, Tacoma Stars) and Ray Evans (Sounders, Stars.) (David Falk)
Wade Webber (USL Sounders) , Scott Jenkins (USL Sounders), Neil Megson (NASL Sounders, Tacoma Stars), Viet Nguyen (USL Sounders), Ralph Black (Tacoma Stars.) (David Falk)
Chance Fry (USL Sounders) , Gerry Gray (Tacoma Stars.) (David Falk)
Joey Waters (Tacoma Stars.) (David Falk)

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