Seattle -but which one?- listed as one of eight teams in new women’s league

Seattle -but which one?- listed as one of eight teams in new women’s league

Good news Seattle! It looks like you’ll be one of eight cities in a new women’s professional soccer league that sprouts up in Spring 2013.

That is, if recent leaks and emails are accurate (see below.) So, which one won? Sounders Women or a new club? Nothing official yet. Email us if you’ve got some scoop:

Here are segments of the reports, and links:

Multiple sources have confirmed to Soccer Wire that an email containing important information about the new enterprise has been sent out to members of the U.S. Women’s National Team pool this week.

The email explains the involvement of the Boston Breakers, Chicago Red Stars, Western New York Flash and Sky Blue FC (N.J.), all former members of the defunct Women’s Pro Soccer league, as well as four clubs in Kansas City, Portland, Ore., Seattle and Washington, D.C.

Despite a rapidly shrinking time window within which to prepare, a spring 2013 launch is still planned. —Read the entire article at Soccer Wire


Portland is interesting. The Timbers saved WPSL side Portland Rain from extinction only six months ago. How much do the Timbers want to be involved in a further financial commitment this quickly? The answer was always murky, but word is that Gulati and U.S. Soccer pushed the issue. Per Soccer Wire, the issue may been pushed right through to fruition.

What’s good about both places is they are MLS markets where soccer seems to now really be part of the culture. Drawing even a percentage of that success could be huge for women’s soccer.

We’ll see what the final list and team names look like soon enough…we hope. —Read the entire article at


All in all, the behind-the-scenes news seems encouraging.  My more dysfunctional theories were consistently shot down by those in the know.  Of larger concern is the tight window that new teams will have to sell tickets and sponsorships.   Established clubs like the Chicago Red Stars and Boston Breakers should be okay regardless.  Even in a worst case scenario of dropping back to WPSL Elite, they have established fan bases that will support the teams at certain scalable levels.  More challenging will be the brand new teams that need to forge relationships and launch organizations with only four or five months of ramp up. —Read the entire article at


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