Lil’ Kickers debuts at Tacoma Soccer Center / South Sound

Lil’ Kickers debuts at Tacoma Soccer Center / South Sound

Introduction supplied by the Tacoma Soccer Center.

We’d like to introduce the new Director of Lil’ Kickers at the Tacoma Soccer Center, located in Tacoma, WA.  His name is David Whitesell.  He is a graduate of Northwest University with his Bachelor’s in Business.  He is married and has six beautiful children.  David played collegiate soccer at several different universities and like many young players, pursued his dream to go as far as he could in soccer.  Like many young soccer players, David didn’t make it to the professional ranks, but he has no regrets.  Soccer has been one of the most profound gifts and blessings in his life.

The scene is set for Lil’ Kickers at the Tacoma Soccer Center.

David has coached on a team and personal basis at many different age levels.  He’s done extensive private goalkeeper instruction; been at assistant soccer coach at Life Christian Academy; Directed the Sports league at the YMCA of Kitsap-Pierce Counties and also Directed the Premiere Soccer Program at the Morgan Family YMCA.

He is also very involved in the community, helping mentor at-risk youth and participating in numerous community service projects including Paint Tacoma Beautiful & Habitat for Humanity.

The early stages for a foundation of a life loving sports and soccer.

David has a very unique coaching and soccer philosophy that perfectly blends with the Lil’ Kickers program at TSC.  Lil’ Kickers is not an elite soccer or soccer academy development program.  At it’s core, it is a child development program that uses the vehicle of soccer.

Through high energy, engaging and interactive games and skills, Lil’ Kickers strives to assist the parents and children in cognitive and motor skills development that will create an amazing foundation no matter where their journey of life leads them.

David Whitesell.

David believes that all parents and children of any level should check out Lil’ Kickers, especially if the child is below the age of 9 years old.  He believes and research supports him, that a very small percentage of youth can just dribble through cones or do soccer drills for an extensive amount of time.

However, through the engaging, creative and interactive games and skills of Lil’ Kickers, the child’s attention, passion and excitement will be triggered causing them to have fun and fall in love with the game of soccer.  But more importantly, it will build a solid foundation of development that will stay with them all of their lives.

Spread the word… Lil’ Kickers is now in the South Sound.  The Tacoma Soccer Center is the only place south of Seattle you will find a child development program of this caliber that uses soccer! /

See more about the national program in the video below.


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