Washington Youth Soccer debuts ‘History Book’

Washington Youth Soccer debuts ‘History Book’

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. – Washington Youth Soccer has just established the baseline book for its history in the state of Washington in a document collection of names, notes, stories, results, people and trophies called simply “The History Book.”

Here is a brief introduction from Washington Youth Soccer. You can download The History Book in a large PDF file at the link attached to the title below:

After months of work by Washington Youth Soccer staff and volunteers, we are excited to present The History Book – a comprehensive history of youth soccer in Washington State. Even before the Washington Junior Soccer Association was established in 1966, youth soccer took root in communities across the state and it was through the diligence of volunteers that an idea for a statewide soccer association became a reality that continues to evolve, more than 45 years later.

We are extremely proud of all of our alumni – players, coaches, and volunteers – and we are looking forward to hearing your stories of soccer, so we hope that you will take a look at The History Book and share any additional stories of your experience in Washington Youth Soccer. Far from a static document, we hope that The History Book will continue to grow with each new story and picture submitted by you, the membership.

Please email jinger@WashingtonYouthSoccer.org for any updates, inaccuracies or missing hisory.
We will update The History Book as history occurs. MAKE HISTORY.

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