“Sirens FC” could be new Seattle women’s club name

“Sirens FC” could be new Seattle women’s club name

by David Falk

Will the new women’s professional soccer club in Seattle be called “Seattle Sirens FC?” 

More: New Seattle club’s first press release

Reaction: Fans weigh in on new club, name

That seems like a possibility after an internet domain search led me to www.SeattleSirensFC.com,  which currently redirects to Facebook.

A further search indicates that the owner of the registered web address is none other than new club owner Bill Predmore. See the screen cap below.

Of course this could just be one of several names and web addresses registered, but it is likely in final consideration.

As for a shirt sponsor, I think we all know the most famous “siren” in Seattle…well..in the world. Turns out there could be a connection here too. We’ve been told that Predmore’s POP agency works with Starbucks, and that they are well acquainted, with offices nearby.

In an interview over at Prost Amerika, Predmore says of the name, which the club has chosen but not yet revealed,  I’m not going to comment on the name or the identity right now. But I grew up in Seattle so I am very familiar with the various themes and their connection to the community here so I’ll say .. what we’re talking about is something I think ultimately the fans will be pleased and be excited about.”

Do you like the name “Sirens,” or do you hope it ends up being something else? Would Starbucks be a cool shirt sponsor? Let me know in the comments section below.


32 thoughts on ““Sirens FC” could be new Seattle women’s club name

  1. It is unintentionally sexist. Modern day usage of siren concentrates on the beauty aspect. The Seattle Shipwreckers doesn’t really have a ring to it though.

    It is totally out of place for the name of a professional sports team and I beleive that more than a few people will find it insulting. Hopefully they were just grabbing domain names and this has nothing to do with the name of the team.

  2. Hats off to you David for that bit of research. Does it dig up other names? I agree with Aron. A siren is not a nice thing to call a woman. I’d be surprised if this one stands.

    As they say remember the Alamo 😉

  3. Let’s see…

    Has aquatic connotations —check
    Deals with land and sea —check
    Sounds a lot like “Sounders” —check
    Has double usage like “Sound” ers —check
    Evokes the mystic powers of women —-check
    Has a built-in sponsor if they are willing —-check

    What were you guys saying again?

    1. I am not sexist in the least, but nothing wrong with a name that gets people talking. Of course the term can also be taken a whole different way and refer to making lots of noise, which I am sure a new club would hope to do. I guess we will know for sure in a week or two, unless someone can find another registered mark before then!

  4. David is right on that latter point. Those who are diehard brand-loyal to the Sounders name are going to criticise whatever Prodmore does.

    I know David well enough also to say he’s not a sexist and his support for this name is not indicative of anything other than he likes the name.

  5. Well, if they do go with it, here’s hoping they have done some market testing. Doesn’t matter that a 50-year like me thinks it works, and doesn’t offend…what matters is what girls -women 8-45 think of it.

  6. It would be enlightening to hear what the female fan base thinks about the name for the new team. It seems that so far, the comments with political correctness concern are coming from the male readers. If the name AND team logo strongly indicate the non-femme fatale, noisemaker variety, then the name really isn’t sexist. The call on political correctness then will fall on the audience when they see the Starbucks logo on the jerseys, if it’s indeed the sponsor, but even that, it’s kind of neat, “Coincidence.” One thing for sure is that the marketing group will have a lot of fun working with the names and logo due to the different meanings of the name.

  7. As long as any logo or marketing image is not of a voluptuous female, I think I’m OK with it. My first thought was “what a cool name”, so I didn’t immediately think it was sexist. Using a Siren to call fans to the game or the sport is OK with me.

  8. So far, the responses from the ladies, though only two, do not have the negative, sexist first impression of the name. IF the female responses continue in the same fashion, then it is most likely that the male side probably overreacted to the name in a similar manner than NCAA mandates that all its members must be rid of culturally insensitive (mostly Native American) mascots by 20XX if to participate in postseason play, or complaints about NFLs must do away with “Redskins” or MLB’s “Braves” and “Indians.”

    Being politically correct is noble and it’s always important to be sensitive, but being extreme about it is ridiculously counterproductive. IMO, Seminoles, Braves, Redskins, etc. are ways teams honor and celebrate the cultures as well as drawing inspirations from, contrary to popular believe that the mascot origins are being ridiculed.

    Point in case, perhaps one of the coolest college mascot locally, if not nationally, Shoreline Samurais, had its name changed to Dolphins shortly before the turn of millennium to conform to the political correctness. The name Samurais was meant to honor the Japanese warriors originated in 12th century (FYI almost all buildings in Shoreline CC campus are modeled after ancient Japanese architecture.)

    If this trend continues, we then have to prohibits mascots like “Warriors” (Edmonds-Woodway), “Spartans” (Skyline), “Trojans,” (USC) etc. In fact, the Herald recently reported on Marysville-Pilchuck issue with the “Tomahawks” name. And if the NFL is going to do away with “Redskins”, then it’s only fair to get rid of “Cowboys” as well. All teams then will be named mostly after fierce mammals, threatening insects, birds of prey and so forth. Nothing wrong with this direction, but I much rather that team names are more meaningful and with character.

  9. “nothing wrong with a name that gets people talking”

    This I completely disagree with. I am still on the fence regarding this name, but to select a name simply because it gets people talking is not a good thing. If a name is horrible, it will surely get people talking, but it will also decrease the number of people who want to associate themselves with the club.

    I would prefer that the club simply have a vote for a name and go with whatever name receives the most votes.

  10. I think a more gender-neutral name would be better received. The cutesy, lady sports names seem to harken back to the ’50s. There’s nothing inherently masculine about Mariners, Seahawks, Sounders. or Huskies; and nothing specifically feminine about Lynx.

    Cougars… well, that was unanticipated. 🙂

    Granted, it’s undoubtably difficult to find a name that has not already been taken. Native carnivore names–first-choice monikers for pro sports–are pretty well nabbed, for instance.

    Sirens is perhaps better than Seattle Espresso, at least.

  11. Not a fan of Starbucks being involved with any Seattle sports teams… even if it’s only through sponsorship. And I’d much, much rather have the Sounders women be in the new league. Having people be so loyal to the Sounders, and then creating this new team will cause a big divide in the womens soccer community.

    I say not bringing the Sounders Women into the new league is a big mistake by the Sounders FO. All of our stars are definitely moving on to the new league. We lost a big opportunity to be able to advertise Hope Solo, Alex Morgan, and a few others as Sounders in the top-flight women’s league. I mean, the two aforementioned ladies are two of the biggest names in women’s soccer. Having them is a big advertisement for the overall Sounders brand.

    Either way, it will be interesting to see how well the “Sirens” do.

    1. Even after writing my lengthy entry, I felt that I had to add a comment to yours. I agree with you that the Sounders FO did miss out on this, but since the opp has passed, that’s where my stance on the matter came in. But maybe if my idea could work, then maybe there’s a chance for them to still capitalize on the big names while in a more “6 degrees of Sounders nation” (Kevin Bacon ;] ) way than in a direct way.

      Sounders Till I Die!

  12. I’ve always been fond of Seattle Reign myself. So many connections to the region that I’m not going to attempt to list them, but for these: brings to mind Seattle dominance, the weather, and the goals we’ll “rain” down on the other teams…hopefully.

    As for the “market suicide” statement, I completely agree, but for an entirely different reason. Ummm, hello…the tie in with Starbucks and the loss of our beloved Seattle Sonics should’ve come to mind here. I for one am not a fan. Besides, truthfully, their coffee sucks.

    I also don’t understand the statement Bill P. made about wanting to be its own entity away from the Seattle Sounders, but turns around and possibly gives the new team the initials SSFC. Odd.

    Somewhat unrelated side note: The Seattle pro teams seem to be, IMO, over-saturated with the combo/shades of greens/blues as team colors. I’d say a Royal Red and Royal Purple would work very well with the Seattle Reign name idea and it’s not too “girly” like, say, pink and I could see men rocking the colors as well. After all, purple is technically a masculine color because it was worn by nobility, especially Kings. Also, it could be an unofficial nod to the 2 major universities (and their colors) in the state of WA. Just saying.

    I’m a female season ticket holder and supporter group member of the Seattle Sounders FC and also the Seattle Sounders W. While I realize this will upset many of my fellow fans/supporters, I have no issue with Bill P. wanting to blaze a new trail for this team via the name and branding. After all, the Seattle Storm aren’t called the Seattle Sonics Women and they’re doing just fine – 2 champ trophies in hand. I personally think that if they (this new team and SoundersW) can work together, it’d do wonders for the overall growth of the league and women’s soccer/football in general. All the men’s teams around the globe have a reserve team or a 2nd and 3rd tier league to train and produce players who aren’t yet ready for the full pro league. The SoundersW would be an excellent place for injured pro team players needing to train to get back on the squad and also for those players who crop up seemingly out of nowhere and for college players who definitely have the talent to eventually be a pro, but need a little fine tuning of their games before they make that move. Plus, they’re so close by that it’d be easy to send people down and call people up like the Mariners do with the Tacoma Rainiers.

    PS- I’m sure Bill P. will be after Hope Solo since she’s a local and if he’s smart, Alex Morgan since her man is a Seattle Sounder and she’s going to be the face of the US team once Abby, Hope, etc. retire. My concern is this: Hope Solo recently got married to a man with (“questionable” would be a nice way of putting it) character. If you know his history, I would be more than a little concerned with him around so many young people and females. Again, just saying.

  13. http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-128935258516932_2236_2805038

    I’m totally a Sounders Till I Die, but this logo would be pretty sick for a Portland team if they can use it (Merritt P. tried changing the Timbers’ name to Rose City FC and the fans almost tied him up and burned him, but I think – if they’re allowed to use it – it’d be good for the new women’s team).

    Also, I read an article comment that struck me as a good idea (please excuse the obvious PDX fan rudeness in regards to Seattle):

    “I want the Portland Rain to continue to operate like they always have as it would be sad for those players if that current operation shut down. Just add Rose City FC or Portland Thorns FC and have some pre season exhibition matches between the two (or a four way pre-season tourney with the two new teams from Seattle and PDX and the Lady Sounders or whatever they are called and Rain).”

  14. As a former CyberRays fan, I’m not going to object to the name. FWIW, Marvel Comics had a character called Banshee whose powers were based on sound, and his similarly-powered daughter went by the name of Siryn.

  15. When I purchased my Sounders Womens season tickets last year my coworker said they should be called the Sirens instead; by the way she is not offended by the name.

    I agree with goalWA.net:

    Has aquatic connotations —check
    Deals with land and sea —check
    Sounds a lot like “Sounders” —check
    Has double usage like “Sound” ers —check
    Evokes the mystic powers of women —-check
    Has a built-in sponsor if they are willing —-check

    I wish the top tier pro team would be the Sounders Women and the W-League lower division team would be the Sirens FC.

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