Washington’s WPSL club 2012 season reviews

Washington’s WPSL club 2012 season reviews

The Spokane Shine, Issaquah SC and Emerald City FC provided one of the best races in the country this spring and summer in the Northwest Division of the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL). The season came down to the final weekend before the Spokane Shine came through and topped the table after a second battling brawl of a draw between city derby rivals Issaquah and ECFC.

goalWA.net was there all along the way as these clubs prepared for and then delivered on a great campaign. When it was all over we talked with the teams and recapped their seasons. See the links and excerpts below.

goalWA.net newsfeed for: Spokane Shine

The WPSL season of 2013 will begin with the Spokane Shine as reigning Northwest Division Champions. “I can’t tell you how excited we are for 2013. I anticipate maintaining a core of our solid contributors from 2012 and look to improve our roster even more. Like I said before, I’m getting contacted from places I’ve never even could have imagined recruiting from, such as the Cameroon and Nigerian national teams. I think with the new women’s pro league starting up, many players are looking to top-notch WPSL sides like ourselves as a stepping stone to get noticed for a chance to get into the pro league in the future, which is smart on their part. Plus, there’s a certain appeal for female players from around the world to come to America to play soccer, as we are somewhat seen as a Mecca of women’s football around the world. The word is out now that Spokane is a very good option to play at a high level and even though we are technically an amateur team, we treat our players as professionals on and off the pitch.” Read the Shine 2012 season recap

goalWA.net newsfeed for: IssaquahSC

The Issaquah roster served to bring players of varying backgrounds and styles together, Knutson says. “The composition of the team was made up of local players, out of state players and some international players (England, Italy and Trinidad and Tobago). This was done intentionally to create a diversified team so the youth players could get a wider perspective on how the game is played. Coach Redwine has already received inquiries about the team from players both here in the US and overseas. She will be working with the coaching staff to put together the right mix of local, national and international players for the upcoming season.” Read the Issaquah SC 2012 season recap

goalWA.net newsfeed for: Emerald City FC

“Members of the youth clubs responded with very enthusiastic support this season.  Beyond just attendance at the games, they stepped up as host families and attended camps and clinics run by our team.  The ECFC G99 team traveled with us to Spokane and played a pre-game scrimmage.  The experiences were positive for both the community and our players and we’re looking forward to expanding on these opportunities in the future.” Read the Emerald City FC 2012 season recap


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