Facebook, Twitter feature “Seattle Sirens FC” holding pages (vote on name)

Facebook, Twitter feature “Seattle Sirens FC” holding pages (vote on name)

SEATTLE, Wash. – The “Sirens” are already making some noise in Seattle, even before we know for sure if the name is the final choice for the new Seattle professional women’s soccer club.

Smoking guns (or should that be fins?) : There is some evidence that Sirens is the chosen name, or at least in serious contention:

  • http://www.SeattleSirensFC.com is registered to new club owner Bill Predmore
  • Since I published that info, the registration page has been altered to remove Premore’s personal info
  • The above web address does not just redirect to “Facebook,” but rather to a very specific page that has yet to be published, but has the address Facebook.com/SeattleSirensFC
  • Predmore also has registered FCSirens.com
  • Twitter.com/SirensFC has been established, and is currently following national team players (Since this article went online, someone else (a fan? a squatter?) has also registered twitter.com/seattlesirensfc, which was not a page when I started today’s research. Online world moves fast, very fast.)

Sirens blaring

People are already talking about the club, and the possible name, all over social media. It’s more or less a dream come true for the new club to have a buzz after one simple press release. The debate over whether Sirens FC is a good name comes down to personal preference, and a verbal battle in Seattle over what is politically correct and perhaps gender neutral. Some find the name offensive, some find it clever.

What’s your take on the name “Seattle Sirens FC?” Vote in the poll below, and / or post in the comments section.


5 thoughts on “Facebook, Twitter feature “Seattle Sirens FC” holding pages (vote on name)

  1. Personally, I think using “Siren” is very clever, not only does it have a dual meaning for marketing purposes, but it ties into the nautical tradition of Seattle. The trick will be to make the marketing more about the song than the physical portrayal of the siren. It might be a fine line, but a good marketing company can walk it.

    I think the discussion of the name not being neutral goes too far. This is clearly a team of women athletes, no one would balk if a men’s team was named oh, say Cowboys, Pirates, Buccaneers…

    1. I agree with you, Diane, and hope the name “Sirens” is the eventual choice, pretty-much for all of the reasons you mention. Plus, it “sounds” good, has a nice ring to it.

  2. I also second Diane’s stance. Due to one of the the dual meanings of the name that makes Starbucks a natural main sponsorship match for the new club, a perfect marriage sort of speak, the name also leave room for other potential sponsorship should the Starbucks deal doesn’t work out for some reason.

    If the Starbucks deal materializes, it can be seen as Howard Schutz’s second chance to make it right in Seattle sports scene after knowingly selling the Sonics to a buyer he knew well that would move the team to OKC. Who knows, maybe the sponsorship financial support for Seattle Starbucks, I mean Sirens, will eventually rise to the caliber of University of Nike Ducks!

    Aside from the obvious first choice sponsorship of Starbucks, I can see these companies/brands as possible a main sponsor: Expedia (currently advertised in EPL, I believe), Amazon/Kindle, Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air, Microsoft/Xbox/Windows8 (especially since its SoundersFC deal is over), Costco/Kirkland, T-Mobile and Premera.

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