The Winners Way books endorsed by local soccer folks

The Winners Way books endorsed by local soccer folks

SEATTLE, Wash. – (Press Release) The Winners Way For Young Men U-12 to U-23 and The Winners Way For Young Women U-12 to U-18 is quickly gaining popularity among players, coaches and professionals in the sport. Six editions of the books are available from Cowan Park Press, CreateSpace and Amazon USA as well as Amazon Europe and 246 territories around the world. Written by Doug Thiel, The Winners Way books help players and coaches develop improved attitudes, set goals and develop self-confidence. Additionally, players learn the value of becoming team players and team leaders. This is made evident in the books’ tagline: Transforming Soccer Players into Soccer Champions.

Both books are made up of 15 Key Principles structured in an easy-to-read format with coinciding visuals of action photos of the Sounders Men or Sounders Women. The Principles teach players the importance of attitude, expectations, strengthening beliefs, commitment, having faith in yourself, developing a work ethic, solving problems, helping your coach, and many more valuable lessons to guide players to victory both on and off the field.

Author, Doug Thiel, writes, “Everyone wants to be a Winner, but most of us need help. You start by developing a Winners attitude. This is not difficult if you know how. I’ll show you. I talk to you as a coach and mentor discussing how you can become a Winner. To do this we cover 15 Winners Principles, each a proven element of success in sports—and all of life.”

Darren Sawatzky, Seattle Sounders U-23 Coach and General Manager, writes, “A great guide from a great source, The Winners Way is a must read for players and coaches looking to take their team to the next level. The mental approach to the game represents the difficult piece to measure in athletes and Doug Thiel handles this piece of the game with excellent fervor.” 

Amy Carnell, Former Sounders Women General Manager, writes, “A straightforward no-nonsense approach to the mental aspects of the game. The Winners Way is an excellent guide for aspiring players and coaches to examine the many components necessary for success both on the pitch, and in life.”

C. Cliff McCrath,Executive Director of the National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association, writes, “The Winners Way is entertaining and wonderfully written and yet serves as a roadmap to maximizing performance for achievers in all walks of life!”

The books are offered in 3 formats: eBook for PC and mobile devices, Paperback and Amazon Kindle.

Cowan Park Press site visitors can preview several pages of both books and purchase the eBooks directly from the site. Use link:


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