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Video Buzz: Seattle Freestyle Soccer at Discovery Park

SEATTLE, Wash.— Near Canada Productions has posted another video featuring the guys at Seattle Freestyle Soccer. This time they take advantage of a rare sunny winter day at Discovery Park. See the results below.

It’s great to see Cole Morgan back in action after his injury. featured the freestyler back in November in his battle to return to the sport. At that time Morgan said: “I’m pretty good at just taking things in stride and staying positive.  I have stayed involved with the freestyle community here in the US, watching videos people post and talking to everyone so that has helped keep me motivated for when I can finally get back to it.”

Seattle Freestyle Soccer has been the subject of several features. You can see many of them by clicking this tag link: Freestyle.

The first Near Canada shoot was before the Sounders-Chelsea match last July. View that video here.

We are committed to covering freestyle soccer across the state of Washington. Know a freestyler in the WA? Contact us at


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