Montero leaving Sounders according to multiple reports

Montero leaving Sounders according to multiple reports


The Seattle Sounders are about to loan forward Fredy Montero to a major Colombian club in a deal that could become permanent, several outlets are reporting today.

Spanish-language report, translated: “Everything is reconciled in word, but there are some papers and until it is signed, nothing is certain , “said Eduardo Silva on the subject of Freddy Montero, who is soon to be new reinforcement Millionaire . According to the statement by Silva, Millionaires and MLS have agreed to loan the player, but the intention is that the player albiazul is around 2013. ” Fredy Montero arrives on loan with an option to play in 2013 . They have some clauses so that the player can go mid-year, but as we have not signed anything, we did not set out clearly the conditions, “said Silva. “Millionaire’s desire is that he is around 2013. Can there any mid-year business and they want to take this into account, then there would come and talk to Millonarios to see if there are conditions, “added the manager.

Soccer By Ives says: When Fredy Montero went yet another MLS post-season without scoring a goal, his future with the Seattle Sounders seemed to be put squarely in doubt.

Now, Montero may never get another chance to find that first playoff goal.

The Sounders have agreed to a deal to send Montero on a six-month loan to Colombian side Millonarios, sources confirmed to SBI on Thursday. The deal, first reported by Futbol Red, is a six-month loan with an option for a six-month extension of the loan, as well as a $4.5 million purchase option. Sources with knowledge of the loan deal have confirmed the parameters of the agreement.

The loan sends Montero to the reigning Colombian league champions, a team that will compete in Copa Libertadores this year.

Sounder at Heart saysToday at they have a source claiming that MLS agreed to terms with Millonarios (Spanish) for a six-month loan of Fredy Montero with an option to buy set at 4.5 Million dollars. The deal as reported seems to meet financial thresholds that would open a Designated Player slot and add Allocation Money to the Sounders coffers. Via Google Translate (all those caveats);

“MLS Montero allowed to leave and be with Millionaires for six months, with the possibility of extending it to a year and a purchase option of $ 4.5 million,” the source told Futbolred consulted in the MLS.

There is still a significant portion of the deal that they are reporting is not complete;

Now there is hope that an agreement between the player and the Colombian champion, for the hiring is made official and put on blue Montero, at least in the first half of 2013.


4 thoughts on “Montero leaving Sounders according to multiple reports

  1. H., based on the original quote in Futbol Red website, it’s $4.5 million, presumably US$. If it were in Columbia, it would’ve been in Peso.

    It’s a gutsy move by Sounders FC front office, but sometimes you have to let go of the swinging trapeze you’re on to reach the one in front of you.

    The US$4.5 mil will help with Sounders DP situation, though most likely the ownership will need to dig much deeper in the pocket (which it has previously stated is willing) to bring a DP of no lesser caliber than Donovan, Keene, Henry, etc.

    Whether this move is a success depends on the caliber of the DP replacing Montero, IMO.

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