Video Buzz: A glimpse at Seattle Reign FC’s new players

Video Buzz: A glimpse at Seattle Reign FC’s new players


Seattle Reign FC were allocated seven players in the NWSL dispersal held January 11th.

“I’m happy with the allocation,” Reign head coach Laura Harvey said on the club Facebook page. “We’ve got a great mixture of positions and players with lots of experience. A great start to an exciting time! I look forward to working with these players and focusing on building the rest of our squad.”

See the entire league allocations here, with links in the comments section to evaluations of the process. 

reignfc-croppedDan Lauletta at says: The Portland-Seattle rivalry should have no trouble spilling into the women’s game with a deep group of allocated players on the way to the Emerald City as well. Rapinoe had the highest arc of any player besides Morgan since the World Cup. Solo needs no introduction as the best goalkeeper on the planet and Rodriguez has her moments of inconsistency but is still able to finish from anywhere on the field. Noyola won the Hermann Trophy in 2011 and was a high WPS draft pick in ’12. Kyle has 65 appearances with the Canadian national team and has been in the system there since she was 14. Zurrer is a center back just coming into her prime years and Ruiz is a Mexican veteran at 29 who scored the bronze medal winning goal two years ago at the Pan Am Games.

The first rostered Reign players are:

Amy Rodriguez
DOB: February 17, 1987
Height: 5-4
Place of Birth: Beverly Hills, California

Teresa Noyola (See photos)
DOB: April 5, 1990
Place of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico
College: Stanford
2011 Hermann Trophy award winner

Jenny Ruiz
DOB: August 9, 1983
Place of Birth: Las Vegas, NV

Emily Zurrer
DOB: July 12, 1987
Height: 5-9
Hometown: Crofton, BC, CAN

Kaylyn Kyle
DOB: October 6, 1988
Height: 5-8
Hometown: Saskatoon, SK, CAN

Megan Rapinoe
DOB: July 5, 1985
Height: 5-7
Hometown: Redding, CA

Hope Solo
DOB: July 30, 1981
Height: 5-9
Place of Birth: Richland, Washington


14 thoughts on “Video Buzz: A glimpse at Seattle Reign FC’s new players

  1. Love Zurrer and Kyle, can’t stand Rapinoe or Solo. All of the teams in this league will have at least one smug, annoying member of the American national team, so it will be easy to cheer against all of them as soon as Vancouver gets a team in this league.

      1. You don’t have to be bitter or Canadian to dislike Solo; you just have to be someone from outside the US (ie most of humanity). There are probably even US citizens and/or fans honest enough to admit that she’s a whole bunch of negative things that I will refrain from listing because I have qualities she does not. Rapinoe’s not on the same scale, but is only behind Solo, Sundhage, and The Wombat in terms of dislikability for most of the same reasons that Solo is dislikable.

        1. Don’t see the Rapinoe dislike at ALL. Solo is her own unique ‘bird’ to be sure. In any case, it is possible to respect the soccer without respecting the person. Not ideal, but possible.

          1. It’s no longer possible to respect the athletics of someone if you don’t respect them – newsreporting, broadcast coverage, and social media give the public so much information about people. I can’t watch Ronaldo without having his personality lower my enjoyment of watching him; I can’t view steroid-users the same way I view those who don’t cheat; and I can’t do anything but dislike the four women I have named above based on what I have seen them do and how I have seen them act. Some (most) people turn a blind eye to these things, or rationalise them, when they’re people on a team they support. I have a harder time doing that.

  2. Seathanaich, judging from interaction with others (teammates, refs, fans, etc.) during game days last summer, Rapinoe is definitely did not exude negativity, not even a bit aloof, in fact on the contrary, was very friendly, gracious to fans, and you can tell that she was having fun out there on the pitch. Off the pitch, she would be someone you don’t mind your daughter hanging out with and as parents, you’d be comfortable being around her as well, IMO.

    1. Maybe for you. People who support a team see different things than their opponents do. Not even Americans here are not saying anything in defence of Sundhage, Wambach, and Solo, which indicates some level of understanding how negative qualities are noticed by opponents. I’ve seen enough from all four to dislike them in a way I have not singled out any other members of this team by name, other than LeRoux, who is also dislikable.

  3. Quote from Seathanaich, “dislike the four women I have named above based on what I have seen them do and how I have seen them act.”

    My comment above was specifically about Rapinoe and not Sundhage, Wambach, or Solo. To stay on course, will you please give actual reason(s), example(s) of specific occurrence that leads you to dislike Rapinoe? I’m just very curious since my first-hand experience is quite contrary.

    As far as Solo is concern, she marches to her own beats of the drum, so it’s not surprising of your stance and you’re not the only one regardless of where you’re from. I have no first hand encounter of Sundhage or Wambach and therefore no comment in that regard.

    As for LeRoux, I can understand though how Canadians may feel negatively of her since she’s originally from Surrey, BC and that this talent should really be part of the Whitecaps and CWNT. Though, I wonder if she should take any blame on her relocation especially if she’s not the one making that decision. W-Sounders sure loved having her here in Seattle last summer though.

    Of course, there is no wrong or right on how one feels about anything or anybody in life since we are all entitled to our own opinions, but I’d like to hear the reasons (“what I’ve seen them do and how they act”) for your strongly negative stance on the four USWNT members.

    I agree with you about not viewing the dopers in the same light as the clean ones.

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