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State of Soccer: The Women’s game in Washington

How does the ‘pyramid’ of adult women’s soccer look these days in the state of Washington? Thanks to the arrival of Seattle Reign FC and the new NWSL, we’ve got clubs at every level, or what some might call ‘divisions.’ The term ‘division’ is common in Europe and elsewhere where promotion and relegation are in effect. Of course in Washington and in the USA we don’t use the concept, but the term ‘division’ is nicer to use than, say, the term ‘minor league.’

Seattle Reign FC are our women’s first division side (NWSL.) The Seattle Sounders Women are our second division side (W-League.) The Spokane Shine, Issaquah SC (aka Seattle Reign FC Reserves), AC Seattle and Emerald City FC are our third division sides (WPSL.) Beyond that on the women’s adult soccer stage we’ve got colleges and local adult leagues.

All of that is a long-winded way to introduce the nifty graphic below.


Find our six women’s teams on Facebook:

Seattle Reign FC / NWSL

Seattle Sounders Women / W-League

Spokane Shine / WPSL

Issaquah SC /WPSL

Emerald City FC /WPSL

AC Seattle / WPSL


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