Just like Kasey: Hope Solo winding career down in Seattle

Just like Kasey: Hope Solo winding career down in Seattle

hopesoloreignSEATTLE, Wash.–-In an interview featured on EqualizerSoccer.com new Seattle Reign FC goalkeeper Hope Solo showed her awareness of similarities between her final years as a pro and Kasey Keller’s.

“That’s funny. Yep, Kasey and I, coming back home to retire, right? As long as we get a championship while we’re at it, then I’ll be one happy camper. I want to bring the city a championship, and I want to bring notoriety to the game, and I want to give back to the city and show them the beautiful game. Most of the time, they get to see that high level of play on TV — during the World Cups, during the Olympics — and now, we’re bringing it here to the city. Of course, I played for the Seattle Sounders (Women), but this is a different level. It’s not the same. This is the best of the best players. So I think it’s going to be fun for the city to finally see.”

Read the entire interview as posted by Liviu Bird here. Bird tweeted the photo above. Follow his soccer reporting here.

The Reign have announced Starfire as their home venue along with inaugural season ticket details. 

The Seattle Times has also posted a Hope Solo Q & A here.


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