Will Kitsap Pumas wear “Safe” kits in 2013?

Will Kitsap Pumas wear “Safe” kits in 2013?


BREMERTON, Wash.— The Kitsap Pumas are preparing for their fifth season in the national Premier Development League. This year will bring more changes for the club than in any previous campaign.

Among the changes under discussion is finding a shirt sponsor. In their previous four seasons the Pumas have had just one front (major) shirt sponsor, Windermere Realty in 2010 and 2011.

In 2013 the club is hoping to go “Safe,” as in Safe Boats. Discussions are underway to put this company on the front of Kitsap jerseys.


www.SafeBoats.com is a local Bremerton company that has burst onto the scene with the growth of the “Homeland Security” industry. They build high-speed, ultra-maneuverable boats for coastline security. How far along the discussions are at this point has not been disclosed by either party.

Moving the fences at Gordon Field

The touchline fences opposite the parking lot at Gordon Field are being moved back to accommodate the bleachers that will be set in place for the Pumas when they finally open their home regular season in June. The black chain-link fencing was easy to uproot and move. The more difficult and expensive parts of making Gordon Field a PDL-ready venue are yet to come. It’s not yet clear whether any actual new structures, such as a press box or public restrooms, will be available this season. The Pumas plan to have players leave the ground and use nearby changing facilities adjacent to the Kitsap County Fairgrounds.

Part of the fencing at left in this photo (taken previously) has been moved back to accommodate bleachers for the Kitsap Pumas’ upcoming season in the PDL. (David Falk)

Catching Up

We posted an update of Pumas preparations earlier this week, with help from Pumas supporters. The Kitsap Sun added this yesterday.

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