Port Angeles still shaking from Rumble in the Rainforest

Port Angeles still shaking from Rumble in the Rainforest

Rumble in the Rainforest 2 846

Rumble in the Rainforest-flyer-coverPORT ANGELES, WA— The 2013 Rumble in the Rainforest might be over but the city of Port Angeles is still shaking in the aftermath of the big Saturday April 27 soccer event.

Jeff Halstead shot the event and is sorting through over 2,000 photos. The best will be featured this week on goalWA.net. 

Galleries posted so far: Kitsap Pumas v. Seattle University, Kitsap Pumas v. PCC Pirates, Victoria Highlanders v. Washington Huskies, Peninsula Pirates Women v. St. Martin’s, and PCC Men v. St. Martin’s.

Not only was there lots and lots of soccer, but “on the event side it was great. The community was thrilled and we raised over $4,000,” says Peninsula College head coach Andrew Chapman. The Pirates soccer program hosted the fundraising event.

The soccer was non-stop, and included unofficial scrimmages between college, semi-pro and pro clubs.

The Kitsap Pumas scored eleven goals and surrendered none with a 9:0 win over St. Masrtin’s of Lacey, followed by a 0:0 draw with Seattle University and a 2:0 score over PCC in a 45-minute affair.

“It was an amazing event,” exclaimed Pumas head coach James Ritchie.

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Rumble in the Rainforest 2 1163Rumble in the Rainforest 2 1179“Coach Chapman and his Peninsula staff did a great job of setting up the event and went out there way to make sure our players were well looked after. The games were great and the entire event was a big Success. We would be very happy to return again next year if invited.”

Ritchie was glad to see his defense coming together ahead of Kitsap’s May 4th PDL opener at Victoria. “The lads had a number of great goals and three clean sheets. We got a lot of players playing time.”

In a special moment former Pumas’ head coach Pete Fewing visited the newest Pumas, with a roster almost completely changed from a year ago.

“It was great to see and coach against former Pumas head coach Pete Fewing for the first time since he left the club,” Ritchie said. “Coach Fewing talked to our new players and told them about what his time with the Pumas meant to him. I would like to thank Coach Fewing for taking the time to do this.”

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The Pumas used their day to test out strategies. “We had the chance to play a number of different systems. Some worked well, some need a bit tweaking. But, over all the positives outweigh the negatives. Getting all the lads time on the field was also great and gave them the chance to compete for a starting position,” Ritchie noted.

The event drew over 700 fans throughout the day and grossed a total of $7,000, $4,000 of which will benefit the Pirates’ soccer program.

“Teams have already committed to come back next year and people in the community are already talking about how they can support the event,” said Chapman.

Rumble in the Rainforest Results
Kitsap Pumas-9 St. Martin’s-0
Kitsap Pumas-0 Seattle University-0
Kitsap Pumas-2 PCC-0
Victoria Highlanders-1 Washington-0
Victoria Highlanders-2 Seattle University-1
PCC Women-1 St. Martin’s-0
St. Martin’s-2 PCC Men-1

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