Son of NASL Sounder continues his soccer superhero crusade

Son of NASL Sounder continues his soccer superhero crusade


Aaron D'Errico.
Aaron D’Errico.

The last time we checked in with Aaron D’Errico, son of NASL Sounder David D’Errico, he was in a comic battle to get his soccer superhero ‘Ammon’ published. Now Aaron has been selected to find a graphic artist that can help his concept jump to life. See the video below.

“I’d always wanted to play soccer like my Dad, despite being born with cerebral palsy. So, in 2011 I created a soccer-hero for Stan Lee and Talenthouse,‘ Aaron says on the official page for the illustration search.

“Now, with the help of a talented artist, I want to turn my 22-page origin story of my character, Ammon into a comic book.”

The tagline: “It takes a disabled man to defy the cruel, enhanced soccer gladiators of the future.

The stakes: freedom – for himself, and for humanity”.

David D 'Errico, 1975.
David D ‘Errico, 1975.

Ammon faces a segregated league of elite rivals that will do anything to stop him from playing. Ammon is inspired by elements of my life, as well as my Dad, David D’Errico, the first round draft pick for the 1974 Seattle Sounders soccer team, and Captain of the USA Men’s National soccer team.

I am looking to connect with an artist who wants to help me realize my goal of making my first motion comic book. I am looking for up to 5 pages of sequential art for the chance to draw the full comic and cover. (Above art by Alvin Lee.)

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