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2013 Ruffneck Cup trophy debuts as race heats up

Who’s gonna take this sweet shiny thing?

That’s the question as and debut the beautiful trophy awaiting the winner of the Puget Sound Derby and the 2013 Ruffneck Cup. See the chalice below.


The Sounders U23 are in the lead. The defending cup-holder Kitsap Pumas are set with three home matches to go. The North Sound SeaWolves have two matches at home in a final frantic push to get some silverware.

Here are the current standings:

Here are the matches remaining:

3 – Washington Crossfire at Kitsap Pumas
4 – Sounders U23 at North Sound SeaWolves
7 – North Sound SeaWolves at Kitsap Pumas
12 – Washington Crossfire at North Sound SeaWolves
13 – Sounders U23 at Kitsap Pumas

Over the next ten days the fate of the cup will be determined on soccer pitches in Bremerton and Edmonds. Along with the cup will go civic pride, and 100 2013 Ruffneck Cup Championship scarves.


2 thoughts on “2013 Ruffneck Cup trophy debuts as race heats up

  1. We liked you idea so much last year we created one for BC: Juan de Fuca Plate. Of course we were too cheap to get a new one each year so there is a base with plaques for each years winner. Looks very nice.

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