People behind the EPLWA: David Falk, Coordinator

David Falk, EPLWA Coordinator.
David Falk, EPLWA Coordinator.

The Evergreen Premier League is being built and soon applications will be posted online for clubs to officially request entry into the exciting, statewide, premier adult league that is working towards a Spring 2014 debut. It’s all about clubs, supporters, owners, players and true football culture in Washington.

In the coming weeks and months there will be plenty of announcements from the EPLWA (you say it like this: “E-P-L Wah”) but we are starting with a series of introductions of the people volunteering to get the league launched. Today our “People behind the EPLWA” series begins with a look at League Coordinator David Falk.

David runs the statewide soccer news website He’s taken the role of “League Coordinator” to be first-contact online, and then to refer questions to other volunteers based on topic. David is looking at the big picture and connecting people and ideas. Eventually he will focus more on media, press and promotion for both the league and its clubs.

“After talking for a long time about how Washington really needs a league like the EPL, it is awesome to finally be joining other soccer lovers and doing something about it,” David says. “I am in a bit of a unique position in that I already have a dedicated local soccer audience from’s coverage of the scene in recent years. I want to use that resource to help build this new league.”

David has been involved with soccer at some level since his high school days at Chief Sealth in West Seattle. He’s the person you can contact for all general questions about the Evergreen Premier League.

Would you like to volunteer for the EPLWA? Contact David.

Reach David at:

Follow the development of the EPLWA at: #eplwa

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About the Evergreen Premier League

The Evergreen Premier League (EPLWA) is a statewide adult semi-pro men’s premier soccer league that will host amateur players on serious and professionally-run clubs. Target kick off is set for May 2014. The EPLWA will be similar in structure and mission to the Pacific Coast Soccer League (PCSL) but will serve Washington state clubs. Your club can apply to join the Evergreen Premier League here. Questions about the EPLWA can be directed to David Falk at


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