Evergreen Premier League: Now accepting club applications for 2014 season

Evergreen Premier League: Now accepting club applications for 2014 season


by David Falk

The Evergreen Premier League is now accepting club applications for the 2014 season that is planned to run from May through July. Below you will find a link that takes you to the online application page. Before you go there, please read below for more information.

Evergreen Premier League

200-fbThe EPLWA will be a statewide amateur adult men’s league in Washington. It will feature FIFA regulation eleven v. eleven “outdoor soccer” matches and a traditional “table” with the champion decided by whomever wins the regular season. We’d like to start our first season with ten clubs, thus being able to feature a balanced home/away schedule of 18 matches running May-July. We are looking for serious club owners, coaches and players to compete in what would be a high adult level of play. We are looking for owners and communities who understand and will foster “football club” culture and support in their neighborhoods. We want our clubs to present themselves in a professional manner, sell tickets, and make fan merchandise such as club scarves available. Ideal applicants are clubs that have a soccer and a business plan, access to great coaching and players, and a strong desire to make something special for their towns.

Application and Fees

The online application is your chance to tell us about your club and why you would like to be accepted in the EPLWA. There is a $100 application fee which will be returned if you are not accepted, or applied towards your yearly league dues if you are accepted.

The yearly league dues to join the EPLWA in 2014 are $1,000. We are trying very hard to make this league affordable for clubs, players and fans. A quick look around at other adult leagues shows that it costs $75,000 to join the PDL, $13,500 to join the NPSL and an initial put-out of $4,000 to join the PCSL. The EPLWA is all about keeping your money out of the hands of a central office, and in your hands to spend on soccer and building your club in your town. However, we do need some working capital for things like a league website, Washington State Adult Soccer Association fees, and bookkeeping.

Application Deadline and Link

The deadline for applying to be a member of the Evergreen Premier League for the 2014 season is Tuesday, October 1, 2013. Go HERE to view the online club application  form.



EPLWA recent news

To catch you up on what has been happening behind the scenes with the Evergreen Premier League, here are some recent articles about us.

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EPLWA Frequently Asked Questions

Match Day in the EPLWA

People behind the EPLWA: David Falk, Coordinator

People behind the EPLWA: John Crouch, SSFC

People behind the EPLWA: Timothy Hamilton, Branding Manager

People behind the EPLWA: Peter Ostrovsky

Questions? Contact David Falk at goalWA@gmail.com

EPLWA Online



About the Evergreen Premier League

The Evergreen Premier League (EPLWA) is a statewide adult semi-pro men’s premier soccer league that will host amateur players on serious and professionally-run clubs. Target kick off is set for May 2014. The EPLWA will be similar in structure and mission to the Pacific Coast Soccer League (PCSL) but will serve Washington state clubs. Your club can apply to join the Evergreen Premier League here. Questions about the EPLWA can be directed to David Falk at goalWA@gmail.com.

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