ALERT: Evergreen Premier League changes application deadline due to high interest level

ALERT: Evergreen Premier League changes application deadline due to high interest level

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The Evergreen Premier League (EPLWA) is moving up the deadline for clubs to officially apply as the contact list of interested groups reaches twenty and an eighth club has submitted its official application.

The new deadline to apply by is October 1, 2013. The previous deadline was December 1st.  The league sent out the email below today:


Hello prospective EPLWA clubs,

Due to higher-than-expected interest in the Evergreen Premier League, we have changed our application deadline and have focused our policies on dealing with prospective clubs.

In order to give future teams and the league time to form, market and set the 2014 season, we are bumping the application deadline up two months. The new deadline cutoff to apply is Oct. 1, 2013. (We reserve the right to halt applications at any time.)

Further, we now strongly encourage all viable candidates to APPLY NOW. Going forward our league volunteer efforts will concentrate on clubs who have officially applied. We will collect the $100 application fee as a part of our evaluation process at a later date.

Apply here NOW: (there is no legal binding agreement in applying)

Information on the August 5 league / clubs conference call will follow shortly.


As the email says, going forward the EPLWA will concentrate its efforts on the clubs who have officially applied.

The seventh and eighth clubs to submit an application came as a Spokane group completed their online form, as did WestSound FC of Silverdale. Earlier Lewis County and Tri-Cities submitted their official interest. Everett United has just sent in application number nine.

Conference Call August 5

The EPLWA will hold a conference call for ownership groups on Monday night August 5 at 7 PM. Contact for details. All of the groups we have had contact with will get an email about the call in the next few days.

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About the Evergreen Premier League

The Evergreen Premier League (EPLWA) is a statewide adult semi-pro men’s premier soccer league that will host amateur players on serious, competitive, professionally-run clubs. Target kick off is set for May 2014. The EPLWA will be similar in structure and mission to the Pacific Coast Soccer League (PCSL) but will serve Washington state clubs. Your club can apply to join the Evergreen Premier League here. Questions about the EPLWA can be directed to David Falk at

Would you like to volunteer for the EPLWA? Contact David:

Follow the development of the EPLWA at: #eplwa

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