Video Buzz: Coca-Cola’s FIFA World Cup Campaign Anthem

Video Buzz: Coca-Cola’s FIFA World Cup Campaign Anthem

world-cup-logo-2014(press release) David Correy might be a new artist to some, but that’s all going to change very soon. For as the newly announced ambassador to the Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup 2014 campaign, he’s started the journey to become a global icon. However, this is no ordinary star-in-the-making, for Correy is an inspirational artist who has experienced the highs and lows of life, and who channels it all into his music. And now it’s time to tell his story.

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David Correy emerged on the US music scene in 2012, when he competed on The X-Factor. His performance resulted in a touching reunion with his birth mother, who was forced to give David up for adoption due to extreme poverty. The inspiration behind his music is rooted in the sacrifices people had made for him, his love of music and an understanding of its power.

The World is Ours is by Brazilian-born artist David Correy, and features Brazilian percussion band Monobloco. The anthem, written by Rock Mafia produced by Mario Caldato Jr, brings the music of Brazil to the world, and captures different rhythms of samba, baile funk and technobraga. It’s that cultural mix which captures the inclusive spirit of the “World’s Cup” campaign, and shares the energy, passion and rhythms of the host nation, Brazil.

The World Is Ours will serve as the soundtrack for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour, which starts and finishes in Brazil and brings the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy to 88 countries around the globe.



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