Help name Seattle’s new National Premier Soccer League team —LAST DAY to submit!

Help name Seattle’s new National Premier Soccer League team —LAST DAY to submit!


SEATTLE, WA – The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) has awarded a team to the greater Seattle area and now that club wants you to help them pick a name.

It’s always fun to get in on the ground floor, and there is no better way to do it than by submitting your suggestions to name Seattle NPSL. Besides, you could WIN season tickets, jerseys and scarves for two if your name suggestion is chosen!

“We are looking for something original, classy and fun,” says the club’s Vice President Aaron Johnson.

Fans can approach their suggestions from several angles. “We encourage entries that include Seattle, Emerald City, even Jet City in the club name, along with a nickname,” says Johnson. “Or, maybe someone will come up with a general name and nickname combination that no one has thought about yet.”

“We want our fans to be involved right from the start,” Johnson says. “We are looking forward to what some creative soccer minds out there come up with. Then the club will look at all of the choices and pick a final name.”

Each person can submit up to THREE different name suggestions. The deadline to submit is FRIDAY, JANUARY 31, 2014 at MIDNIGHT.

Submit your name ideas by email to:

Read earlier news about the NPSL in the Northwest: NPSL coverage


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22 thoughts on “Help name Seattle’s new National Premier Soccer League team —LAST DAY to submit!

    EVERGREEN represents the State of WA
    UNITED represents our communities, our people, all as one for the good of soccer.

    That name says all,….WA State is also known by the name of Emerald City and United means all the communities together pulling for the new soccer team.

  3. ELLIOT BAY BALLERS F.C. (double meaning)

    SKID ROAD FC ( which references the historical term better)

    THE SEATTLE FIRE F.C. (talk about a killer logo – references the 1889 event that gave us the current historical buildings in Pioneer Square)

  4. Cascade City SC
    (versatile; can move around area and still apply; crest can have mountains and sound)

    Seattle Orcas SC
    (Not too trendy but the coolest local animal not already spoken for. Plays into region’s Sound/Whulge soccer theme history)

    Seattle Surge SC
    (Plays into maritime theme while evoking powerful rising natural forces)

    1. SEATTLE SURGE SC WAS DEFINITELY in the top 3 names it was my number one
      but end up 2nd we will announce our club name very soon
      thank you for taking the time to do this

      Victor Perez

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