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LOGO WARS: Yakima United FC rules in 2014


YAKIMA, WA—Yakima United FC debuted their club crest just a few weeks ago. It was met with general acclaim both at home and on social media. Now fans of the club and its hops-inspired crest can celebrate winning the second annual LOGO WARS on goalWA.net. 

Over the course of the bracket nearly 4,000 votes were cast. In the final 4th-seeded Yakima out-polled the Arlington Aviators 60-40%.

Last year Bellingham United won LOGO WARS, which is a test not only of the quality of a club’s logo, but also of its ability to generate social media buzz behind the vote. YUFC’s win in 2014 means that the first two year’s winners both come from the Evergreen Premier League (EPLWA). BUFC won the vote while they were members of the Pacific Coast Soccer League (PCSL).

The 10th-seed Arlington Aviators mounted a challenging campaign via Facebook and Twitter, but in the end the “neutral vote” and a late Yakima push swung things in the Hops favor.



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