Silly season: Now Pumas and Galaxy will play a ‘friendly’

Silly season: Now Pumas and Galaxy will play a ‘friendly’

by David Falk

I promised myself I was going to leave the latest low-hanging PASL fruit for someone else to pick. Then a content-challenged reader went and posted in the comments section here.

So let’s be clear (can we be, because perhaps the Pumas are re-writing the script as we speak) that according to the Kitsap Soccer Club they will:

“Thanks to some last minute negotiations, we will play the Tacoma Galaxy in a friendly next Saturday at the Pacific Sports Center at 8:30 p.m.

So spread the word, then come on down and cheer your Pumas on!” (Facebook).

Even diehard Pumas supporters had to laugh at the latest turn of events. Fans took their graphic originally designed for the NW Finals and “corrected” it in red ink.

Hey, it’s amateur hour, I mean sports, so the Pumas can do whatever they want. That includes making even more of a laughing stock out of their playoff exit excuses by turning around and playing a ‘friendly’ against the team they just refused to play.

I like what the Pumas stand for, which (I hope) is local soccer club culture and the American Dream of players going pro and a club going “up the ladder.”

This last week was tough on their reputation, though. They let down their players with an ill-timed Facebook post that reportedly caught them out of the blue. Then they followed up with this. 

Now the latest joke is actually playing a knock-off version of the match, one in which the outcome has no meaning and one in which the Galaxy would be dumb to play their best players.

A Pumas superfan posted a long rant a few weeks ago about the club.  She’s warming up to the idea that things are getting better with the Pumas.

Now this.

Do I have an “anti-PASL agenda?” Sure, if the PASL is messing up our clubs. Do I  have an “anti-Pumas agenda?” That would be a stretch. But when a week like this happens, so ripe in satire and befuddlement, as a commentator on our state soccer scene, it’s got to get a mention. Or two.

Let’s hope this is the end of it.

But don’t misplace that red marker.


3 thoughts on “Silly season: Now Pumas and Galaxy will play a ‘friendly’

  1. Glad you liked my event graphic. I corrected it that way to illustrate that Puma fans and players are disappointed at how this was handled. Just be honest and stop with the blowing smoke up our rears. There was a much more professional way could have been handled. It wasn’t and it is kind of embarrassing.

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