Dion Earl sends threatening email to goalWA over Stars name issues; letter between parties

Dion Earl sends threatening email to goalWA over Stars name issues; letter between parties

by David Falk

Dion Earl, the new owner  / operator of a Major Arena Soccer League (MASL) team in Puget Sound has sent emails to goalWA.net in regards to an earlier Tacoma Stars article that he would like to have removed from our site. The second email threatens legal action against us.

First we published a press release by The Tacoma Soccer Center announcing they had acquired the rights to the Stars name and logo. Read that here. We followed that the next day with a breaking story about the new “MASL” which included public court documents along with a letter provided to us by a group that had hoped to run the Stars. Read that here.

Today we received this email from Earl:

Here is my response to you that you have been waiting for. Your more than welcome to announce my Teams Lead counsel. Please cease and desist immediately from posting about Lane Smith and him using the name Tacoma Stars on your website please.
Dion Earl

and then:

I still see the article on your website. I will state this one last time. Please refrain from stating that the Tacoma Soccer Center has purchased the Stars and please take down other related articles or I will be forced to execute action with my legal counsel for my team the Tacoma Stars.Thank you
Dion Earl. Owner/Player Coach of the Tacoma Stars#11


The email was accompanied with a letter supplied to us by Earl himself (see below.) It’s a communication between Earl’s  counsel and Lane Smith’s. It’s not directed at goalWA but is none-the-less an interesting read.


These emails to us are just the latest in a series of head-scratching moves by Earl, who has also started banning posters on the Tacoma Stars Facebook Page if they post what he deems to be anything negative.

goalWA.net internally has adopted a policy of not covering further anything to do with the PASL or the new MASL. However, when we are threatened and there is an obvious misunderstanding of freedom of the press, we feel obligated to respond.

I emailed this response to Earl:

What are you talking about? I am free to publish via the press at any time. I am quoting a source and providing PUBLIC documents that anyone can legally access. I am not breaking the law. I suggest you be very careful about how many bridges you burn before you even kick the first ball.

David Falk

Earl’s response:

Not trying to burn bridges David. I will ask my attorney about you publishing inflammatory articles about the Tacoma Stars. I can only hope you will promote good press about the team. Enjoy your weekend.
Dion Earl


11 thoughts on “Dion Earl sends threatening email to goalWA over Stars name issues; letter between parties

  1. PLEASE don’t stop covering this or stories regarding PASL or MASL. You’re the only one getting this information, the truth, out there. Those of us who care greatly about the state of soccer specifically in the South Puget Sound have been taken advantage of and toyed with and it’s all a big game between a few selfish people. It needs to stop and people need to know what’s going on. Anyone that tries to silence the press isn’t someone that should have any stake in our sport in our region. Thank you for publishing what you have and staying up on this.

  2. He has 147 days until the season opens in Dallas. There is not enough time to successfully launch this brand, especially with zero experience or expertise.

    Nothing wrong with waiting a year and spending time selling, but one and done is good for me too.

    He really should have other people write his ‘press’ releases to. My 12 year old is available.

  3. Indoor soccer sucks to begin with. Does it suck because of people like this, or are people like this attracted to it because they suck?

    If I lived in Washington State, this sort of attitude would alienate my business and cause me to tell others what a complete idiot the owner was.

  4. Earl continues to flounder with his use of social media to alienate fans:

    Dion AndLaurel Earl · 17 mutual friends
    Cory. You mad bro? Or are you just jealous?)) lol we shall see who has the last laugh when the first ball is kicked out. Your just mad Cory because I wouldn’t hire you. But I do enjoy reading all of these. I understand there are going to be some fans that don’t like me.)). You all sound like soccer parents that never played the game and are now trying to live through your kids. You all must feel really big and proud to write such hurtful things. I wish nothing but the best to all of you.

    1. This Mr Earl appears to be about 14 years old, based on this communication. The passive aggressive “I wish nothing but the best” is the same sort of “I’ll pray for you” rubbish that religious people spout when they hate someone for not sharing their religion. Sadly, such people never figure out that nobody is “jealous” of them, nor do they ever figure out why that isn’t the case.

  5. Threatened by a club’ lawyers is so 2011 David!

    Seriously, this attempt to stop you writing or demanding that you only produce positive press is appalling.

    You have my support to print what you like free of threats by anyone.

  6. I do not know Mr. Earl so are his recent actions/comments/attitude typical from him or is this something new?

    Also, are his pockets deep enough to be able to fund a team in this new league? It would be a shame if this team where to fold/suspend operations during the season due to financial difficulties.

    How much involvement is the previous owner of the Stars involved with this team? Her limited funds led to the bankruptcy which has lead to this soap opera mess. It’s shame that the Stars great past and name has been muddied the recent years.

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