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Picture Perfect: UConn tops Seattle U


SEATTLE, WA — The University of Connecticut men’s soccer team (2-3-0) scored three first half goals and, despite a mid-second half scoring contribution from Seattle University’s (3-2-0)Hamza Haddadi (Shoreline, Wash.), the Redhawks fell, 3-1, to the Huskies. Dale Garvey shot the match and has a gallery to share at

“We had some good opportunities but you have to finish them when you’re playing a team like UConn,” said head coach Pete Fewing. “They were lethal and their first two goals were their first two chances, so kudos to them. I like the fact that we didn’t give up and kept trying to play. We got a goal at the end, so that’s good, but it’s a learning thing for us so we just have to keep getting better.”

Read the rest of the match recap at





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