NW Indoor Invite a success as clubs prep for the season

Western Indoor Soccer League

Seattle v. South Sound. (Jeff Halstead) Seattle v. South Sound. (Jeff Halstead)

TACOMA, WA — “Everyone seems happy,” sighed a tired John Crouch after the 2014 NW Indoor Soccer Invitational had ended  about seven hours after it kicked off on November 1 at the Tacoma Soccer Center. Indeed it was a long march from the first match to the final, but the indoor clubs got plenty of playing time and the competition was stiff but good-spirited. Seattle Impact FC’s Reserves took the tournament title with a 2-1 win over the Tacoma Stars.

Galleries:Tacoma Stars v. various clubs, Seattle v. South Sound United, (more to come)

Matches for the tournament were 24 minutes long with the clock stopping only for injuries or upon request of the referees. This kept the action going but also tended to keep the scoring down. Seattle Impact FC’s Reserves went unbeaten on their way to the title. Oly Town…

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